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This issue has caused an afflite in my area people were fighting because of bank and i was called to please say the best bank in nigeria but i said they should give me A WEEK to do the research. please am posting this same question that was posted to me to you now WHICH BANK IS THE BEST?

What would you ever compare with the awesome services provided by First Bank plc?
actually gurantee trust bank has a lot of service
But certainly not to be compared with First Bank plc
is it because first bank was first?even their service may not be good
I 've tested both and arrived at a conclusive conclusion that First Bank plc is simply the best!
okay you win then i choose first bank
I tell you that GT bank is the best with a reason.
Gt Bank has faster rate of service and doesnt give customers much stress in transactions.
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imagine you went to first bank on friday to register a bank account and they said there is no form available after delaying and they said come back on monday then is that a serious bank
I bet with you, GT Bank cannot do that; and moreover whenever you get to any gt bank branch, they dont delay customers; cashiers are many to attend to customers.
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Yap thou i think the only reason why first bank does that is because they are the oldest
No, that is not the reason.
Banking administration determines that.
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The reason why you see long queues at First Bank is due to the large volume of customers they have. Now ask yourself this question, why do they have such number of subscribers? The reason is simple, because they are the best!
No, its not so; it depends on the location; that one varies; even the gt bank in my area has more customers than first bank; what l saw there was that the first bank is too small in structure, while the gt bank is very big; imagine small structure for customers, will you not think that they have many customers?
See, if l begin analyses btw the two, you will discover that the gap is so wide; gt bank is far far advanced than first bank.
There are even many banks which are far more advanced than first bank and those are under gt bank.
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is there any amount charged for registering at a bank
Do not talk about your area alone, First Bank covers at least 2/3 of major Local Governments in each state of the nation, tell me which other bank has such passion?
that's not what the question meant i meant that what amount of money is collected from customers who wants to register a new bank account
@Spottykay, No bank charges for opening of account; But you must have minimum reserve of N1,000, N2,000 or N5,000 for opening the account, depending on the type of account you want to open.
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what do you mean by type
Whether Savings Account, Kids Savings Accounts, Current Account, Company Account etc.
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Which one is very good i think savings account
Savings Account is the best for your age and status.
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You must deposit at least N2000, this will enable you to get an ATM card and keep a minimum balance of N1000. In essense, do not take less than two thousand Naira with you while going out to open a bank account. And please this isnt funny; Do not go there with a spanner simply because you heard open!
hahaha but i'll go with a bolt and nut thanks very much mr paul and sir phil
Hey hey, bolt and nut is ok and screw driver to screw it open.
You are warmly welcome.
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thank you very much the both of you
You Are Welcome.
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  Lets see if you are gonna make it through the gate with all these security men and bouncers waiting for you LOL!
Ah is it bad when i didnt take gun but i can take spanner,nuts,bolts and cultlass and i'll prove i'm not bad but just a farmer

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