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You 'll still have to drop these at the gate. Not even umbrellas or a bunch of keys will be permitted on entry!

Ah is bank so though as that oh i remembered a new about a boy that fell down while trying to get into the bank through the ceilings and fell then broke his leg.I love smart guy like that
You love him?
Is he smart or he's a thief?
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he's smart for falling down and breaking his legs
I have every reason not to believe that story. How did he get to the ceiling? How did he even think he 'll make awau with the money even if he succeeds?
i dont know but the other gangs were in the bank already planning before action comes
Oh I see!
question:what are the weight of people fited to enter into the bank
There is no  beam balance on entrance. All I know is, sometimes two people can enter at a time.
Not all banks o; some banks will never allow two people to enter: their cct camera is very accurate in working that the enterance will not open if you are two: its programmed.
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No, all the doorway cameras allow that. Unless one of them carries something that is prohibited or a part of them cannot be viewed properly.

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