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according to bible ?

whacking off is a soul killer! pls and pls don't try cos it's evil
whacking off Can turn ur beautiful life upside down forget about the pleasure it brings pls don't do it. it has psycological effects. just get ur mind off it! 
Yes it is a sin
Answer: The Bible never explicitly mentions whacking off or states whether or not
whacking off is a sin. The Scripture most
frequently pointed to in regards to whacking off
is the story of Onan in Genesis 38:9-10. Some interpret this passage as saying that “spilling
your seed” on the ground is a sin. However, that
is not precisely what the passage is saying. God
condemned Onan not for “spilling his seed” but
because Onan refused to fulfill his duty to provide
an heir for his brother. The passage is not about whacking off, but rather about fulfilling a family
duty. A second passage sometimes used as
evidence for whacking off’s being a sin is Matthew 5:27-30. Jesus speaks against having lustful thoughts and then says, “If your right
hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it
away.” While there are parallels between this
passage and whacking off, it is unlikely that
whacking off was what Jesus was alluding to. While the Bible nowhere explicitly states that
whacking off is a sin, there is no question as to
whether the actions that lead to whacking off are
sinful. whacking off is nearly always the result of
lustful thoughts, s3xual stimulation, and/or
indecent images. It is these problems that need to be dealt with. If the sins of lust, immoral
thoughts, and obscenity are forsaken and
overcome, whacking off will become a non-issue.
Many people struggle with guilty feelings
concerning whacking off, when in reality, the
things that led to the act are far more worthy of repentance.
Its a sin.
@Psalmist, I thank the Almighty God who gave you the inspiration yo explain the issue this vivid. Am sure it won't be any confusing to anyone that might have read this post, also to explain this to others who may not be opportuned to. May the Grace of the Good Lord be with you.
Inspiring message !
God bless you psalmist.
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