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This post is made for  bible questions which are not relevant in posting  but can be posted here and the reason why I made this post is because I wanted to ask a question.
Is it always compulsory to Pray to God in a quiet place,i mean will the prayer be answered if you're just walking or doing something else then you pray with the mind only,does it really work?

Can you be talking to your earthly father and still be playing at the same time? Assuming you want to ask him for money, how do you present it to him?
I mean may be going somewhere and praying while trecking
The same way you will never ask your earthly father for money on the streets, or would you do that?
See, prayer means you are talking to God, your heavenly father is greater than your earthly father. You need to dedicate this moment of prayer for Him. The Muslims are a typical example coz they don't joke with it.
It's true,you're right
Good for you then.
Alright we are fine
Here is another Question:
If an astronaut goes to mars,jupiter exept earth which mean he/she is not in earth,then rapture happened in earth,will that astronaut in other planets also be raptured because the bible didn't talk of other planets but earth, I'm expecting answers
The Bible made us to understand that, in the beginning, God created the Heavens and the earth. Now, the stories about other planets and the solar system are just a result of man's quest for knowledge. God never gave us a demarcation of His creation. The entire universe was created with these simple words: "Let there be"
Okay all is well understood another question:if you had someone who you followed to the market i mean If i follow my parents to the market and we've agreed that i can collect money for what is sold and take that money to my self,you know my parents knew that i'm not going to give them the money of what i sold from their market,is that also a sin
You must not cajole your parents into doing that. Giving is a generous act and must be done liberally.
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm okay!!!!
Any more questions?
Nope,not yet
Be sure to post them.anytime.
This one is also about market issue:Is it really a Sin to God by being a christian and going to a jihadist of muslims to complain about market not moving well then start asking jihadist to solve other problems in the market
Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and ALL other things shall be added unto you.
Okay,that's the right thing
More questions...?
When I'm having another one I'll notify you
Here again,is it a sin for those who play lotto's like surebet,9jabet,naira bet and so on
Do not make it your god. The moment you try to idolise it becomes a sin. Also, follow your mind, if it tells you not to play, then don't. Always keep a clear conscience.
But by not making it a god and not putting all trust in it,it doesn't make a sin right?
Just do not substitute it for your God, but still, you must follow your instincts.
Okay,well Understood
More questions.
Okay,this one You'll explain a topic at which you'll make it really clear and a lot of words like you're preaching,it's not forcefully but when you have time to write
That's just the topic explain all what you know cause thats the topic given to me to preach as a believer's class student in R.C.C.G Presentation next week.
I wish Sam were here, coz am not a preacher!

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