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@kayodesmn / last: @kayodesmn
The Bible - God's Inspired Word. 0
Text: II Timothy 3:l6,l7.Before moving into the discussional part of t...
@Mr A / last: @Mr A
Coming Soon: Publisher Dashboard 0
Hello everyone,This announcement is for people who are in the publishe...
@samuel46295 / last: @samuel46295
Marks Of A Fruiful Life 0
To be fruitful means to make progress.The following are the marks of a...
@samuel46295 / last: @samuel46295
Meaning Of Population Education 0
Population education is a new field of study in Nigeria facing certain...
@samuel46295 / last: @samuel46295
Meaning Of Drug Abuse And Types Of Drugs 0
Drug abuse simply means misuse of drugs.The following are the types of...
@samuel46295 / last: @samuel46295
Meaning And Characteristics Of Culture 0
Culture is the total way of life of man in his environment.The followi...
@samuel46295 / last: @samuel46295
Meaning And Terminologies In Special Education 0
Special education is the education designed to meet the uncommon needs...
@samuel46295 / last: @samuel46295
Concept And Rationale Of History Of Education In Nigeria 0
Education is the process of helping the individual to grow and develop...
@kayodesmn / last: @kayodesmn
Counsel To Preacher. 0
Below are words of counsel for every preacher to abide by to have a su...
@Emiliainyang / last: @Emiliainyang
China Product 😂 0
A nigeria lady got married to a chinese guy, and gave birth to a son. ...
@Emiliainyang / last: @Emiliainyang
Leave It To The One Above 0
A pastor and a church sister were being intimate under a tree,not know...
@Emiliainyang / last: @Emiliainyang
Star The Leader 0
Pastor Jeremiah was caught by his church member in a bar drinking a bo...
@kayodesmn / last: @kayodesmn
Heart Searching Questions. 0
"... for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the ...
@kayodesmn / last: @kayodesmn
Glorious Liberty Through Fasting And Prayer. 0
Fasting and prayer will bring glorious liberty to prayer in the spirit...
@kayodesmn / last: @kayodesmn
Christian Living Quotes. 0
After frequently, slowly, prayerfully, and meditatively reading throug...
@kayodesmn / last: @kayodesmn
The Pilgrim's Focus While On Earth. 0
Text: Hebrews ll:8-l6.A pilgrim is a devoted christian who is seperate...
@whisperingbird / last: @Mr A
Dry Mouth: Causes And Cure 1
Inadequate flow of saliva makes the mouth feel dry hence the name ...
@kayodesmn / last: @kayodesmn
Interceding For Men. 0
Text: Ezikiel 22:23-3l.Intercession is a special and selfless act of c...
@kayodesmn / last: @kayodesmn
Look Up! 0
When there is distress of nations, in their perplexity, with "Men...
@whisperingbird / last: @whisperingbird
Stock Exchange: You Are Not Too Young To Start Off With Something 0
Hey guys,  let us dive a little into stock exchange as a topic.&n...
@whisperingbird / last: @whisperingbird
5 Strange Animals You've Never Heard Of Or Seen Before 0
Sometimes you might be wondering what else could be so bizarre beyond ...
@whisperingbird / last: @whisperingbird
Who Will Be The Next Nigeria President?? 0
This gonna be pure fun.  Trust me.  *😜 ...
@whisperingbird / last: @whisperingbird
Eternity 0
Do you know that one day, you'll outlive the sun? a day in which ...
@whisperingbird / last: @whisperingbird
Just A Simple Word Of Apology Will Go A Long Way To Settle The Dispute 0
People may have erred you. Likewise, you may have made mistakes in one...
@kayodesmn / last: @kayodesmn
Introduction To Phrasal Verbs. 0
Phrasal verbs are expressions formed from the combination of verbs (e....
@whisperingbird / last: @whisperingbird
Get In Here And Help A Person In Need 0
how much time and money does it takes to establish a palm plantation. ...
@whisperingbird / last: @whisperingbird
Brief Explanation About 🌴 Palm Oil 0
Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from the mesocarp (reddish...
@whisperingbird / last: @whisperingbird
How To Spot Fake Company Adverts And Employment 0
I have seen many comments of people complaining and lamenting their or...
@whisperingbird / last: @whisperingbird
Truth About Some Nigerian Husbands 0
Here is the awkward Truth About some husbands.A group of men gathered ...
@kayodesmn / last: @kayodesmn
Introduction To Figures Of Speech. 0
Figures of speech are words or groups of words used to give particular...

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