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Phrasal verbs are expressions formed from the combination of verbs (e.g take, give, kick, make, round, hold, go, dance, cut, come, haste, fall, etc) and one or more prepositions (e.g of, with, from, under, in, on, before, out, down, etc).Examples of phrasal verbs include go on, go up, interfere with, improve on, carry along, bring down, cut in, cut off, get over, get away, die down, fall in, fall out, give in, give up, hold on, hold out, round up, round off, etc.   

Knowing the meaning of individual words making up a particular phrasal verb, does not guarantee that one will know the meaning of the entire phrasal verb.The meaning of the phrasal verb is only determined based on or through the context (sentence) in which it is used.Also, a particular phrasal verb can have more than one interpretation (meaning), depending on the context in which it is used.

Let's consider the phrasal verb "brought up "(past form of bring up), in the below sentences (context) to explain the last statement I made earlier on.
i. The girl brought up her mother's luggage.
ii. The manager brought up the issue at the meeting yesterday.
Note: In the first context, brought up means carrying or moving something from downstairs.However, in the second context, it means the issue was raised or discussed at the meeting.

Examples of Phrasal Verbs.
l. Iron out - The two warring parties met three days ago to iron out (settle) their difference.
2. Bring down - The measures taken were intented to bring down (reduce or decrease) the prices of consumers goods.
3. Cut in - I was stilling explaining my action when Joe rudely cut in (interrupted).
4. Take after - I think he takes after (resembles) his father.
5. Kick off - The club league match will kick off (start or commence or begin) next year.
6. Cut off - The intervention forces have successfully cut off (stopped) the rebels' supplies.
7. Give in - She gave in (yielded or succumbed) to his overtures after much pressure.
8. Interfere with - I do not want anything to interfere with (disturb or hinder or interupt) my academics.
9. Make to do - Students nowadays have to learn to make to do (use) with what is available.
l0. Let off - Lie ported Bode to the principal but he merely cautioned and let him off (released).
ll. Round up - We will be back after the commercial break with a round up (collection) of today's other stories.

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