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Making money online is a simple and great way to achieve finanicial breakthrough, but the problem is to know which one is paying and scam free. I am not posting to scam you, but to show you a legitimate earning platform, where you can earn N20,000 and above monthly, depending on your working effort, just by reading, commenting and sharing news, and referring friends, and lots more. You might be wondering is this a scam or false, but I will tell you it is not, because I and others have tried it and they are paying.
The name of the earning platform is Wakanda Nation. It is a popular news website that started operation on the 5th May, 2018. They pay you to the do simple tasks on the website. You pay N1,300 onetime fee to register and get entitued to the below earning benefits.
Registration Bonus: After you have successfully registered a free account with Wakanda Nation and you upgrade to affiliate account with N1,300 you will be credited with N100.
(Note: Only affiliate member can earn, which is acquired by upgrading with N1,300 to affiliate account.)
Daily Login: When you login in to Wakanda Nation, you get credited with N50 per daily login.
Comment on News: When you comment on any news in Wakanda Nation, you get credited with N2 per news commented on.
Sponsored Post: When you comment on, and share the sponsored post of the day on your social media account, you get credited with N50.
Referral Bonus: When you refer someone to join Wakanda Nation through your referral/affiliate link, and the person upgrades from free member to affiliate member, you get credited with N1,000 per person referred.
Information About Withdrawal.
The withdrawal button will be active on the 23rd between 8:00am - 5:00pm of every month. The minimum payout or withdrawal is N4,000, so if you have N4,000 and above then you can withdrawal on the date stated above, and be expecting payment between the 25th - 30th of the month.
With the above breakdown you should be earning at least N10,000 per month.
Lets take a brief estimate of your monthly earnings
Daily login - N50*30days = N1,500
*Registration Bonus (only for the first month)* - N100
Comment on news (Let's assume you comment on 100 news per day) - N2*100news*30days = N6,000
Sponsored Post - N50*30days = N1,500
Referral Bonus (Let's assume you refer 2 person per day) - N1,000*2person*30days = N60,000
From my analysis you will be earning N69,000 per month.
The amount you will be earning per month depends on your effort. You can create a statistics of your own and see how much you will be earning per month.
If you are interested and wants to register comment on this post that you are interested, and I will send you the registration link and instrutions and how to register via facebook messenger. Call 08121456909 or write to christianlifestyle42@ gmail.comfor any enquires. Thank you for your corporation.

Click the link below to register for Wakanda Nation

Earn N10,000 weekly on payobilz with just N1,000. Click this link to register    or contact me at  is not functioning anymore...  They have been mute for over 2 months
faith12 Publisher
You are wrong. They are still functioning till this present moment. I am still using it and earning from there till now. Please stop saying what you are not sure about. Thank you.
Earn N10,000 weekly on payobilz with just N1,000. Click this link to register    or contact me at
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