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Sign up for a one-time fee of N450 on the Joomta website, and start referring friends and acquaintances, and commenting on news headlines.

Whenever you refer someone to join Joomta through your referral link, you earn N400. If you refer 10 people, you earn N4,000. If you refer 30 people, you earn N12,000. And if you refer 100 people, you earn N40,000. The maximum number of people you’re allowed to refer in a month is 100 people. When you comment on news headline in the Comment On News Headlines section, you get paid N3 per news headline commented on. The maximum number of news headlines you're allowed to comment on in a day is 50 news headlines. Ownership of multiple Joomta accounts is not allowed.

Joomta pays referrers on the third day of the next month. So if you earn N24,000 in March, you’ll be paid your N24,000 earning on the 3rd day of April next month. If the 3rd day of a month falls on a weekend (Saturday or Sunday), you’ll be paid on the working day (Monday) immediately following that weekend.

How Joomta Makes Money

Joomta makes money by displaying popup adverts to Joomta  users whenever they’re on the Joomta website. It is from the revenue generated by those adverts that Joomta referrers are paid.

Does Joomta Charge a Registration Fee

After analyzing our referral and signup logs, we discovered that about 26% of Free Joomta users were simply creating fake accounts for the sole purpose of getting referral earnings. The only way for us to prevent this was to implement a payment feature. We sincerely apologize for the sadness that this has caused among our honest referrers, but the only way to stop the incidence of fake accounts by both new and existing Joomta referrers is to make registration contingent on payment. So the registration fee is N450 which will be paid once.

Is Joomta a Scam?

However, (and this is the cause of the scam allegations) in order to get paid your referral and site activity earnings after the end of a month, you'll need to refer at least 2 people in each week of the month if you're a paid Joomta member (i.e. if you paid a Joining Fee in order to join Joomta) and you'll need to refer at least 7 people in each week of the month if you're a Free Joomta member.

So what happens is that a few bloggers join Joomta, and start referring people, they immediately refer 10 or more people within their very first week, however in subsequent weeks, they don't refer a single person, and because you'll need to refer at least 2 people in each week of the month if you're a paid Joomta member, and you'll need to refer at least 7 people in each week of the month if you're a Free Joomta member, they don't get paid. Out of anger and bitterness, they publish blog posts shouting that Joomta is a scam, whereas they are the ones who have not met the minimum weekly referral threshold.

Joomta is a paying referral platform that pays all eligible users (regardless of location, gender, tribe, or religion). If you meet the minimum weekly referral threshold, you will, without ANY delay be paid your earnings on the 3rd day of the next month. If the 3rd day falls on a weekend or on a public holiday, you'll be paid on the first working day after that weekend or holiday.

Note: Free registration is still ongoing on the site, but you must upgrade with N2,000 to be able to cashout your earnings every Friday of the week)
Всем привет)
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Изначально я искал информацию по теме: купить диплом вуза, купить диплом физика, купить диплом в артеме, купить диплом в оренбурге, купить диплом института, затем наткнулся на, где все мои учебные вопросы были решены!
Успешной учебы!

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