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Here, if you have any slicks jokes you wish to share with us, please do coz that's what we 'v been waiting for!                                                             

the latest Joke is that I wish u a very Happy birthday and also wishing u the best life can offer but above all I wish u what u wish urself.
my life-my business,U gossip - Ur headache, I flex - U vex, U beef-Ur problem, I Achieve -U provoke.
Hmmmmmm, thanks. But what if my birthday is also a joke?!!!!! Never mind, it isn't 
I have one here.                                                Angels: Father, we are tired of these Nigerians that are in heaven.                           God: What have they done this time?             Angels: Everything! They dont obey traffic rules, they dont wait for their turn in anything, always make their own rules!                          God: Then we should send them to hell.(calls Satan)                                                          Satan: Hello, what is it?                                  Satan(stamering)hold.... On....                           God: Lucifer! What is going on!                      Satan: It's these Nigerians in hell, thy'v quenched the fire and installed air conditions!
That is exactely Nigeria problem. Creating problem upon problem.
A man who was tired of life decided to commit suicide under a mango tree.                   As he had hung the rope to his neck and was about to swing, his son ran to him saying:        Father! I just won one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.......    I promise you that your funeral is gonna be the best!                  Then, the man said to his son; you fool, come on and untie me sothat we go and celebrate my ressurection!
A girl demanded to know from her boyfriend how much he loved her the following conversation took place between them.
GIRL: darling, how much do you love me?
BOY: I love you so much,
GIRL: Tell me, I want you to weigh it
BOY: I love you beyond imagination!
GIRL: No, that's not what I want, it means you don't love me?
BOY: Ok, you and I are like a phone and a SIM card. A phone is useless without a SIM.
GIRL: Wow! That's romantic![kisses him]
BOY(to himself): Mumu, I am a China phone with three SIM cards!
Girls; pls don't trust boys!
Akpos was in a Chemistry class and the teacher seed the students to give examples of gases.
1st Student: Sir!
Teacher: Yes....
1st student: Hydrogen
Teacher: Very good, more examples..
2nd student: Oxygen
Teacher: Good!
3rd student: Chlorine
Teacher: Excellent!
Akpos: Teacher!
Teacher: Yes Akpos, you have one?
Akpos: Yes teacher.
Teacher: Go ahead.
Akpos: Tear gas!
Teacher: What! Akpos, this is your last chance, if you don't get it, I'll flogg you!
Akpos(thinking)...... :- Fabregas!

Thumbs up for Akpos.
Akpos been the boss asked the same question among four girls in an interview for secretary position. ''A woman has two lips on her body, what is the difference between them''?
1st Girl: One is hairy and the other isn't.
Boss(Akpos): Ok, good.
2nd Girl: The other is used for talking while the other isn't.
Boss(Akpos): Much better.
3rd Girl: One is horizontal while the other is vertical.
Boss(Akpos): Hmmm, very clever.
4th Girl: Both takes in food, one from my hands while the other from my boss.
Boss(Akpos): YOU ARE HIRED!

How many likes for Akpos?
I can never stop lafin. weldon Sirphil
Twitter & IG: @iam_made4impact
wow u quyz r rily 4ny
Yeah, I saw a keke napep earlier today and on it was written in bold ink: "DON'T TRUST LADIES". I had a conviction deep within me that that guy once had a Range-rover!
Akpos met a lady at the restaurant and wanted to update his time, the following conversion took place.
Akpos:- hello Madam?
Lady:- what?
Akpos:- sorry I didn't mean to bother you, can you please tell me what time it is?
Lady:- Ehee, so now you think my watch is used as a public clock huh?
Akpos:- Madam.............?
Lady:- Dont disturb me!
Akpos[took out his galaxy and makes a call].... Hello Sammy, what's good? You know I just left Washington DC for Africa and my watch still reads American time, can you tell ne what time it is so that I'll adjust it to the local time?
 And since my girl is still in USA, I want you to get me a beautiful lady so I can spend my money on this night ok?
Lady[after listening to the conversion]:- Sir, the time is...
Akpos:- SHUT UP!
How many like for Akpos?
its so funny keep it up sir_phil.
Twitter & IG: @iam_made4impact
A Chinese couple had a black baby...
  And the named it
Hahahahahaha, that mean there is sometin wrng sumwhre.
Chai! Dee--ris God oooo
aaaah! Fanx broda perfect work
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wow dat was really 4ny i didnt stop laughing
Good job sir-phil
lizzy gold Guest
Spottykay Publisher
the opposite of humanitarian is animanitarian
Hahahahahahaha, Shaaaaaai. This is Fabulously, Grammatically, Glamorously, Tactically, Systematically and Laughically Funny.
Sir-Phil, Weldone for work done.
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