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jokes.....Imagine u were sleeping on d same bed
wit ur friend and u had a dream where he was
chasing u with a machete, while running 4 ur life,
u woke up and saw him lookin @ u and d next
thing he said was "4 ur mind now u sabi run?
What will u do?*expensive* Be sincere oooo =))

put a gun through his head nd blow out his brains.wel done nice jock lolz
I will stand up and start running
Quickly beg God for forgiveness of sins just in case, thereafter beg that Nigga.
Of course you have to confess that Jesus is Lord!
Spottykay Publisher
i'll run
Where will you run to?
What of if its at the middle of the night; will you run out and kill yourself?
Though this write-up seems to be a joke, but there is truth to be derived from it.
Many times, dreams are just symbols and may not mean the person sleeping beside you; l knew of a man who divorced his wife because he had a dream that someone was having s3x with his wife in the dream. That dream may not even mean his wife; evil pple might have done that: using the image of the wife to scatter the family. So, dont conclude with what you see in the dream and know how to interprete dreams.
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I enjoy dreaming at times. Am not a child, once I dont like a dream from the start, I 've learnt to gather my senses when am dreaming and wake up if I want to.
Spottykay Publisher
i can do that at times but also the same time i dont do
@Sir-phil, you can wake up at will from some dreams, but possible everytime.
Notice This(eventhough, this is general opinion- l dont know your personal experience):- There are times you may want to wake up from a dream you dont like and it seems its difficult for you to do so and sometimes, you must have woken up before you even know its bad dream; but once that happens, pray it off.
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It happens so often, sometimes I even forget to pray but; trust me, I wake up any moment I want to and without any struggles
Waking up from bad dreams without any struggle at will is a special gift from God; not everybody can do that; be praying to keep it up and make use of it judiciously.
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Spottykay Publisher
but its hard for me to wake up in bad dreams
@Spottykay, you need to pray about it and ask for the grace above the situation.
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Spottykay Publisher
ok i'll try

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