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1: The way some people have mouth odors
this days can even make Moses to wake up
and add d 11th commandments which says
"thou should brush thy mouth every
Yeeh! Who pour me saliva..
2: Poor people should stop pretending to be
rich, u are confusing the Angel of blessings
3: U will never knw u have kung-fu skills
until cockroach run over ur body...
Fada lurd eep ya chid
4: My pastor delivered a mad man in my
Pastor: Sing a song to praise God for ur
Mad man: Lafranse Remix yon, Remix yon
concor barpepay one corner one corner one
Pastor: Wait! Wait!! U are still mad
5: Some guys can form sha. Carrying laptop
bag with ludo inside... Bros u are doing ya
6: Those who dress smartly and smell fine
but wear wrist**tch that isn't working are
among the problems we face in Nigeria
7: Fingering girls with our fingers ends this
year, next year we are using KNIFE
Ewo! Who stone me pant
8: Nine month ago a woman was pregnant
and gave birth to a fool reading this post....
Ode ode ode wait!! b4 u start
pouring insult on me. Shey u were born
9month ago abi? Olodo
9: I have a feeling that very soon am gonna
own Banana island..... I've bought banana
remaining Island... Small small am making it
in life
10: Satan must be a gay.... Which man would
meet a naked lady alone and only convince
her to eat an apple
That guy na confirm gay
11: I sold out my industrial standing fan
because of my slim gf... How will i put on my
fan and it will be moving my girlfriend
wherever it wishes
12: My wife's mom visited us. We were all in
the sitting room chatting. My wife felt hony
but could not tell me directly, so she stood
up and pretended she has developed a
terrible headache. She went to the bedroom
and i followed her shortly. We had s3x and
when i went back to the sitting room i
forgot to zip up, in the sitting room;
Mother in law: How is she now?
Me: I've given her Panadol, she's now
Mother in law: That's good my son, now
close the PHARMACY
13: Imagine after having s3x in ur room
then u hear someone saying behind ur open
This video go trend wella
What would u do at that spot???
14: s3x is sweet but have u tasted hot bread
that just left bakery?
Fada lurd na me b dis
15: It's took me two months to put this
jokes together..... U see u wey dey read
without commenting!
O ye thunder! Speak am hearing
Which number funny pass !

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