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E3 'The Address'

When the house is built, shall we leave it without an address? When the site is set up, shall we leave it without a url? No??? That's what I thought.

So far I've written this series on a free plan basis, this episode is no different. By the way in episode 2, I wrote about auto-installers only, and you were probably thinking, what about if I want a custom design? want that?  Go learn php in full & create a custom script, or, Get a php script and make a desired mod out of it (I do that a lot) , Or Hire a pro to get the job done. Back to address issue. When done with your site on a free host, your url would be name.subdomain.tld , e.g , but you don't expect users / visitors to keep typing that long thing according to D' banj everytime they want to visit your site, they'll eventually get fed up by it and ditch visiting, ofcourse there a better alternatives for them provided by your counterparts. So why not rename it??? Can I? Yes you can! To get a free custom domain I'd recommend , ain't affiliated with them though but this organisation has exquisitely executed her service over the years. Goto the website, input your desired domain name & put your current url as the url for new domain to be forwarded to, checkout as a registered user/sign up while doing so.

Forwarding a domain ain't as cool as parking it! So after doing the above, sign in into your freenom account, click Domains>my domains> under the domain name click 'manage domain' > management tools> set Dns> tick 'use custom dns' > then in the input in the;

first box :
second box :
third box:
fourth box :

and save changes.

Now log into your account at your freehost, switch to your hosting plan panel, in the drop down menu, click 'Parked domains' and park the freenom domain you created.

Now let's make it your base url. Some script auto gets their base url from the domain name they were called from & use it as such throughout the session(mostly custom script like viral dcms). Others however gets theirs from their config file. To change base url, you'd have to login into a ftp client site, e.g (not affiliated with them) .


FTP SERVER : is ftp.sitename.subdomain.tld (i.e ftp. the old url)
Username : is uNINEDIGITS (e.g u223372156) , you'd find this in details below menu-list in your cpanel.

Password : your password to the hosting plan, not that hosting account profile.

Port: 21

Directory : public_html
when logged in, goto config file click edit, change old url to new one&save.

Can't find config file? Not to worry, I'll drop a reference topic on it ASAP.

That's pretty much all about the address.

End of series. With the 3episode, you can set up a simple, cool website. Good day.

I'm not known, not even by myselft,

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