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Moreover, there are plenty of other girls who will be right 4u. 10. Confident girls will ask u all sorts of intimate things. Dont assume dat this means dey dig u; dey may simply c u as 1 of their crowd of friends & genuinely be asking 4ur opinion, not ur like quotient. Be sure 2 use the context around u 2 guage what's really going on. 11. If she brings u gifts 4rm her trips or 4ur birthday she probably likes u, & wen she points out how hard she tried 2 find something u might like, she might be giving u a hint. This only applies wen u're nt always best friends. 12. Body language is nt completely universal or always assured as meaning wat u think it should mean. Some girls express their feelings 2ru different actions dan others. Take ur time, find out if she's actually interested by talking to her. A girl dat's nt interested will likely try 2 make excuses 2 end the conversation & get away 4rm u. Take dat as a true sign! 

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Spottykay Publisher
please what if she loves looking at you but behaves angrily when you talk to her
@realloveofafrica, well-done for the post.
@Spottykay, I can bodly say that a girl who trully loves you does not behave angrily to you.
A guy ignorantly calls it love when a girl slaps him because he woos her or proposes to her. Love can never do such: love doesnt want any negative thing to happen to you.
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