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Accra - Pastor Olugbenga Oladejo
of the Complete in Christ Church
(CICC) has expressed his support
for the “missionary” s3x position
saying other styles and acts are
wrong in the eyes of the lord. According to a report by
Ghanaweb, he allegedly saw a
indecent video last month
where he saw people being
punished in hell for immoral and
unholy s3xual acts that include oral s3x, whacking off, Blow Jobs, acts
of bondage and positions like
‘doggy’ and ‘cowgirl’. In an interview with the media the
pastor said, "His children are
confused, so they must be warned
about these sins that are taking
them to hell, so they will not perish. Also read: Ghana Navy tasked to guard Bui Dam He audibly warned against married
couples masturbating on their
beds, looking at obscenity, oral
s3x, trying different styles of
s3xual intercourse to “spice it up,”
such as “doggie style” penetration from behind, and various positions,
including the wife on top (e.g., so-
called “rocking horse,” “cowboy,”
or “cowgirl” positions), and hanging
your wife (a type of domination and
bondage position, involving tying her down, intended to simulate
rape)", He said. "the only position that is holy in
God’s sight is the face-to-face
position with the husband on top,”
he further stated.

We just hope the information given is based on a reliable source. This is a crucial issue.
Eventhough not all s3x positions are proper and hygeneic; but this news cannot be 100% correct because of many things l have heard like this from people.
It is possible he saw people being punished in hell for the following acts; but the question is - are we sure that those people being punished are husbands and wives?
God can punish singles commiting f0rnication on any s3x position. People atimes amazed us with visions and dont know how to interprete the vision.
Look at his statement:only missionary position is holy;where did the bible tell us about s3x positions?
Many christians put people in bondage because they dont know how to interprete their visions.
Personally,l can say some s3x positions are not healthy for us: eg oral s3x, including using mouth to caress a woman on the anus; that one may invite a lot of germs into one's system.
s3x positions are not mentioned in the bible;we need to be careful on telling people about visions and revelations, because we shall give account of all these before GOD.
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Thanks for that My Paul, I think its a bit clearer now.
Alright; you are welcome.
Call for Total Cure from all diseases on 08079549042 / .
My pleasure!
Spottykay Publisher
there are even many styles of s3x dog,cowgirl,sheep,goat,cow,scorpion,snake infact this world is corrupted
@Spottykay, what l'm trying to say is that any of those styles mentioned above can be used by married couples so far it is hygienic, but should avoid any of them that is not hygienic or safe; God did not tell us styles to use in s3xual intercourse.
Lastly, none of the styles is made for singles or unmarried people, because s3x is exclusively meant for married people.
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Spottykay Publisher
you are right
And Spottykay, you are merely a schoolboy; who taught you all these? s3x styles? S-E-X education do not contain all these. Wherever you got this from, desist!
@Sir-Phil, I think he saw it here, because the pastor's post contains it.
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Yours? I can't see anything of such.
Ok, I get you right now; he just picked like two from the pastor's post and the rest were written by him.
I believe he got all those on website: l've not even known many of those mentioned by him and the pastor before.
Maybe Spottykay has made a lot of research on this.
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Spottykay Publisher
noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ah it's not like that i was replying to mr paul's post dont accuse me ooo
Alrighttttttttttttt; we are not accusing you !
Call for Total Cure from all diseases on 08079549042 / .
Heeey! No one is accusing you strangely here, just take a glance at your initial post, where the hell did you get the rest from?
May be he got it from Spottykay dictionary of s3xtology.
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LOL Spottykay, who put that dictionary in your school library?
Spottykay Publisher
you of course! You said we should read it and start with small girls all what was there was full of s3x and other s3x languages hahahaha the name of my new course is now s3xtology i love s3xtologyyyy i wish we had a section for it where we'll talk of doggie style,cock,goat,snake,rat,cockroaches etc.LOOK I DIDNT MAKE THOSE STYLES MY SELF I  HEARD IT OOOOOOOOO
God have mercy! I 've always thought you to be a good person, I was wrong then.
Spottykay Publisher
i'm not bad oooo i saw it in a post right here,and all i said was all a joke how can i be one of the s3xtologist it's not possible when I'm not mad
I hope so!
I know Spottykay is just joking.
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