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pastor sam7 with due respect sir, i did not condemn any pastor, if its deliverance prayer people can fall down when God touches them but y must they fall down before they are heal,bcos there are many fake pastors nowadays that push people and they will say its the Spirit of God.
God has not given such powa 2 man, except d disciples of JESUS.
Be careful master. Thats where u go wrong; this was not & was never written in the Word Of Truth. If u say so, how would u compel the saying of Christ to what you'v written which says "...and they shall do exploit and even more than i have done"?
The question i suggests goes with the answer "Thats true". Its true as the Bible neva lie for Its the Word Of Truth
@FULBLESSING, yes its true there are fake pastors who push people down and say its the power of God; it doesnt mean they are all fake; as also there were fakes in the time of Jesus Christ; but one thing l'm careful of is that l dont judge men of God; their judgement is in the hand of God and all of us will reap what we sow: l also want us to be careful of that also;  Moreover, we are not saying people should fall down b4 they are healed; it depends on how God wants to do at that time: for example, l was leading congregational prayer one day and a spiritual creature walked out of the body of somebody in the church(confirmed by another man of God at the prayer) & d person did not fall down, but he was delivered; so God can do it as He likes. God bless you all.@Mavisdby, thanks for enlightening people more on the issue.
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I don't tink its necessary.
All my enemy will dance skelewu 2 hell.
It not conpursary.
becoz ov d. power
@Sam7, you are welcomed. Xame goes from me to you: Thanks for your enlightments on the issue.
Modern faith healing lacks evi of divine aproval,cos miraculous gifts of spirit ended after apostles'day.1cor 13:8-11.
@EDEMID NO dear pls read matthew 7:22-23 n see the truth from the BIBLE.
@Marvisdby all are satanic powers,pls create time to consider 2Thesselonia 2:9-11 pls,
The era of falling down for Pastors or whoever u call it while praying has gone.the reason: 1,who ordain him as a pastor? 2 ,did a man od God reflected in him? 3,beware of 419ier pastors because theyare on rampage.
Yes and No!  Yes bcos when u believe dat as u fall u'r problem falls, then it will be so. No bcos u ar nt 2 fall bcos others do bt bcos u ar assured in faith dat u ar free

You are right but i think it depends on how the spirit of God moves.
Pple fall wen dey re under d anointing bt nowadays i dnt know weda dey fall under d anointing r jst fall cos oders re falling cos mny pple now falz
It is signs of demons but in sum cases God cud cos sum1 2 fall
s3xy mama*2
@Ruty & Musliu Idris, be careful of misleading people, by mis-interpreting the Bible; Ruty, the places you quoted are talking about fake prophets; does it mean that there are no more real prophets of God? Does it mean that people cannot fall under anointing? For Example: The fact that you have not experienced something before doesnt mean it doent happen; l cannot say there is no Paris because l've not been to Paris before. BE VERY VERY CAREFUL, dont speak againt God's Work. If you argue further on this, l may not speak on it again: A word is enough for the wise.
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Read these places in the Bible- LUKE. 9:41,42; HEBREWS. 2:4; then, compare the above references with What Jesus said himself in JOHN. 14:12. Nobody says that people must fall down every time God want to deliver them, but the truth is that it happens that people still fall under anointing, as it happened in the ministry of Jesus in one of the above references.
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i dnt tink it is right to fal down but anyhow
In actual sense diva i didn't get you. Please can you explain yourself; what do you mean by the
i dnt tink it is right to fal down but anyhow
Till 2morow I Don't Sam Stil Belive
Yes. It's complicated. Is only God that know
Pple only fall down wen d spirit of GOD iz at work (HOLYSPIRIT), so itz wen d spirit touches u dat u fall.
But note: sum pple do it intentionally which iz a sin against GOD nd d HOLYSPIRIT.
I dont think so o. Only if u wanna do big boy or gurl 4 church
its because the pawa of God is moving so it not about been pocess.
Holy Spirit can course some1 to fall down; but if you're not possesed, you cannot fall down; Dont be deceived; l have many years experience of deliverance ministry, l've been in the ministry since 2005;
Holy Spirit cannot Push down Holy Spirit. Its Holy One That pulls down dirty ones; and when a minister of God prays for people, people who are possesed may fall or not; it depends on how the Spirit decides.
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Spottykay Publisher
it has no meaning i've seen a woman just becus they are all praying not even that they lay hands on her she is falling down and has no changes in the life and also whats d meaning of lmao
Complimenting My Paul's statement, it's just like the laws of like and unlike charges.
Thanks@Sir-Phil; God works with people according to their faith and God works with people in different ways; so one cannot condemn the way he doesnt know.
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Spottykay Publisher
its true no one knows d work of God

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