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Mr Paul
Many people in the church are so confused in regards to this question:
What are the sins against the Holy Spirit?
Now, I also ask you; what are the sins against the Holy Spirit?

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Speaking against the Holy spirit. Such are out of foolishness and "may" be unforgivable.
Hmmm, you realy tried.
Let us look at the following sins against the Holy Spirit:
1. Telling Lies in form of prophecy.
2. Saying, God said when God did not say anything.
3. Testing God with lies: that is, intentionally telling lies on things of God- Act 5:1-10.
4. Getting into the state of apostasy.
5. All willful sins are sins against the Holy Spirit- Hebrews 10:26-27.
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False prophesy, that is what churches of nowadays are filled with. Lies and and forms of deceit that in turn blackmail and cajole Christians! Lord have mercy.

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