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Mr Paul
A pastor has a wife who sleeps with men around; he has talked to the wife, prayed on her behalf and has done many things possible to change this adulterous wife, but all to no avail.
What will this pastor do?
He doesnt want to die of HIV/AIDS and doesnt want to divorce his wife, claiming the word of God that, married once, married for life (married for better and for worse); his life is in danger and what will this pastor do?
Should he divorce his wife or should he continue living with her?
Please, advise him.

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Mr A
Mr A Admin
I shared a link to this post on our facebook page. Some people have decided to post their replies there.
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Ok Sir; that's well-thoughtful of you.
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D pastor shuld keep praying and interceding on her behalf. He shuld also remember dat God hates dirvorce.
@BOLLAH, you have a good biblical point, God hates divorce.
There are so many opinions of people on this issue, because l also posted it on facebook and on eskimi, apart from Mr A's post on easynaja's page.
Some said he should divorce the wife because of the danger of HIV/AIDS, but God hate divorce; some said he should not have s3x with her again, but it's not possible because he's still human and can be s3xually moved towards her so far she's still with him.
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he shuld nt divoce he shuld kip on praying to god to change her attitude becoz wit god all tins ar possible
@despirado, I support your opinion, but what physical steps can he take to ameliorate the situation? or will he be praying without any physical step?
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D bible says in luke 18:27 dat wat seems humanly impossible is possible b4 GOD BUT LET D PASTOR CHECK HIMSELF PROPERLY.
Probably his sins are finding him out but if he does confess i bliv GOD will make a way where there seems 2 be no way.

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