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Head Mod.
Worshipers at the Pope John
Paul 2 quasi Parish popularly
known as Papal ground in
Kubwa Abuja ran for dear lives
as a suspected Boko Haram
member by the name Adamu ran
into the church premises almost
at the closing hour of the church
service. Our reporter, Adoyi Ali
reported that the incident
happened at exactly 11.24 am
when the Pastor had
begun the closing prayers.
The suspect who was on white
and white, holding a black leather bag and
a kettle ran into the church
premises from a nearby bush
with his hands up, shouting in
Hausa dialect and heading
towards the church entrance.
The church wardens who
doubled as the security men ran
outside the church to stop the
unknown man from running
into the church. The church
members out of fear ran for
dear lives and got hooked at the
doors as people’s valuables were
misplaced and destroyed.
The man who resisted being
held by the security men was
later over powered and taken
away from the church building.
After much interrogation by the
security men, the man
confessed that he though came
from Kano; he was only a
beggar and had travelled from
Kano through the bush. Among
other things that could not be
opened by the security men due
to fear of explosives was 30
thousand naira which the same
man who claimed to be a beggar
also said  was his feeding
As argument ensued between
some of the church members
and the church wardens on
what to do to the suspect, men
of the Nigerian police arrived at
the scene and took him away to
a nearby police station.

Isn't he supposed to stand firm in the faith of courage as a man of God so y the sudden change frm man of God to man of fear
I dont tink dey shuld run out of d church dey re not 2 b afraid of death
D Pastor Is Not Brave.but Well If I Were D One Sharp,sharp. I Wil Fly D Fence. 'cos I Want 2 Live Long
If d Spirit of God told u 2 run at a point,u must or somtin worse wil happen 2 u,but if d Spirit told u 2 wait nd u refuse somtin worse wil happen.
For me i wuld flee wen i see trouble,dat do not mean i denied Christ
@marvis&onyinye if you were the pastor would you wait,so i think that pastor did the best thing.
U bein a man of God does not mean u shuld not run wen dey is danger if u hav de chance to run so i tink he did de right tin
d pastor is not visious enuf to detect who d man is.d pastor is lucky and brave to still b in d church preaching and which I am d pastor ,I will break d ulter ,burst d fence and run away

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