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I know some guys would have my head for this but i need to help my sisters out. Trying to get a little bit more intimate with that special someone in your life? Well, get cozy and relaxed with your lover and try out these 20 romantic questions to ask your boyfriend, after thes questions trust me you would know if he is a keeper or not.
1. How long do you see our relationship lasting?There?s no better way to find out how serious someone is about a relationship than with this question. If he says anything other than ?till the end of time? or ?forever? or something along those lines, you may need to rethink! Whether he wants to admit it or not, every guy knows from day one what he wants from a relationship.
2. How much do you love me?Get ready to be showered with compliments, hugs, kisses and the likes, simply by asking this romantic question. OR else get ready to receive the cold shoulder.
3. What is your opinion of marriage?It?s every woman?s dream to get married, so if your man isn?t on board with marriage you may have a problem. On the other hand, if he thinks the man is a provider who should care for his woman till the end, you?ve struck gold.
4. Do you see us ever getting married?Is there wedding rings and honeymoons in your future? You?ll never know until you ask him this romantic question.
5. What do you love about me the most?Again, this compliment-provoking question is simply one you have to ask. If he doesn't love one special thing about you then he is lying. The easy answer guys give is that they just love everything about you. Big lie dear
6. If I died in a horrible accident, how would you react?If he is anything other than terribly distraught for months on end, he might not be as serious as you think he is. Its heart warming to know he won't be chasing other ladies the next minute you're gone or dont you think
7. How can I prove my love for you?Feeling like really proving to your guy you love him more than anything on earth? Then you need to ask this question and find out what he?s craving for.
8. Do you feel like you can tell me anything?
Without trust and a bond, a relationship cannot be sustained. If he truly loves you he should be ready and willing to share even his deepest, darkest secrets.
9. Do you still remember our first kiss?
This question is actually more important than you think. Your first kiss was one of the milestones of the relationship and should be one of the most important things to remember. Warning: Hearing your man relive the night you and two shared your first kiss may be a tear jerker
10. Do you remember the day we met?Again, if your man remembers this amazing day, then he is definitely head over heels about you. Plus this question makes for a highly romantic reminiscing session

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