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GIRL- Hello!
UNKNOWN- Do u have a boyfriend?
GIRL-Yes! Why do u ask?
UNKNOWN- Its me your father! So u idiot have a boyfriennd at that age? We shall see when i get home.
GIRL- Dady pliz am only joking i can explain… (He hangs up)
GIRL- Hello!
UNKNOWN- Do u have a boyfriend?
GIRL- No!!!
UNKNOWN- Oh honey so u’re ashamed of me??
GIRL- No! My luv pliz forgive me i thought it was my dad!
UNKNOWN- Yes it is still me your father i just wanted to confirm if you have a boyfriend i’ll see you at home .. LOL

wow wat a dad.Wel all de same lolz
Hahahahaha intelligent Father.
dats great
please add me as a friend.
funny papa
Yawa don gas!
He's a father with history
He knows exactly how to get the truth out if his child.
But is even compulsory for him to know either she has a boyfriend
The girl shouldn't have lied in the first place. She should have accepted and then see what her father's reaction would be.
It's true especially if the girl isn't young then she should have boyfriend and nothing concerns the father
From the posters indication, the girl could still be a teen.
(sirphil)'re right

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