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My thoughts.
This insurgent group called Boko haram has been a great terror in Nigeria since 2009 and have murdered an estimated 3000 nigerians. What would you call this? There are so many terms to qualify these actions. Nigeria, is she a failed state or what? What has been our actions about this group? The US are still battling and combating so many terrorist groups, with ISIS taking the lead in terrorizing them. By the way, who are the sponsors of these groups? We know that they are funded by fools who are in the government. Nigeria is a very rich country, we have enough resources to fund arms and ammunnition. But we have frivolous things on mind and damn the important things we are suppossed to do.
         Now we have 54 soldiers are to face the death penalty because they are not backed with arms to fight with. Personally, I won't face such heartless groups with a rusty gun. Other countries fund their armies with enough arms to fight terrorism, but we send our men into battle with weapons used only for wild life hunting. How barbaric can we be? These are men with children and families like us. If I had the resources, these leaders themselves would face death. We are talking of the security of Nigerian lives and you sit back in your air-conditioned office barking out orders for the murder of your fellow human. Its high time we Nigerians cry out to the injustice meted out on us. And to add salt to injury, the trial of these men are in closed doors. Fellow country men let us wake up and think like men because our leaders are terrorists themselves. How messed up do we still want to be?

Don't care what you think
All u said is true, we Nigeria ar very rich bt our leaders wont use d resources 4 important things, like to save d life of d citizens instead they ar out there in their repective home having fun with they families y our brothers nd sisters are been killed.
It is a punishment for their cowardice, but I think it is a harsh one.

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