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Mr Paul
It is now proved that the most urgly person looks beautiful when he/she smiles and the most beautiful/handsome person looks urgly when he/she frowns face.
A smiling face takes you far than you can think; apart from your look that is beautified by smiling, smiles and laughter improves health.
Do you also believe that you can meet your helper and get connected to your helper through your smiling facial look?
So many people have driven away their heaven-sent helpers because of frowning face.

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but if someone is angry he can laugh and i think thats natural
You want to say "if someone is angry he cannot laugh"?
You said its natural; but there's nothing you cannot adapt to as human being; l'm begining to train myself on that; this week sunday, sobody was saying something that should make me angry, but l just decided to smile; do you know that the person calmed down after some minutes and began to talk gently with me and we played together after the whole matter. lf l had hardened my face, the whole matter could have been turned to chaos and pandemonium.
Smiling many times can turn your enemies to friends and these same people you called enemies could be your heaven-sent helpers.
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hmm you re rite and anger brings sin
May God help us to stand on the word of God.
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