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Only the truth can make us free

make i no lie dat 1 na lie oh but in some cases maybe sha
4 me i will lk to say d truth so dat i can enter God paradise if i die, but if it is u would lk to say d truth
if i tell the truth it will set myself and my parent free, so i love the truth.
Truth is truth no matter how difficult it is: "and ye shall know the truth" part one; "and the truth shall MAKE YOU FREE! There's no two ways about it... Alway speak the truth no mata the circumstance surrounding it.
Always Real...
As d bible will hv it-d truth shall set u free,for me i will say d truth and be free.
Chris Head Mod.
It's good to hear this coming from Africans... I used to think most Africans were too afraid of death or even injuries.
i will say the true no matter wat they will do for me bcus the quran said say the true & let the devil be ashemed
what if after lieing the trumpet blows.
If u were d one wat wil u say?
as for me i say de truth even if my life is on de truth shall set me free.when i mean free,i mean like a bird.
Instead i will say it as long as i have told dem d truth nd d truth shall set me free
s3xy mama*2
I will always say d truth and d truth shall set me free.
If you tell lie bcos the truth can cost you your life, then you are not genuine child of God; listen to this- l was wrinting exam in ND 2 @ondo-state poly owo, when a guy, who l knew would either be cult member or gangster came into the exam hall to impersonate a girl, l was pointed to in the hall by supervisor to tell who is not the member of that class; l pointed to the guy and the guy was arrested. After that l told God about it to protect me and l did it because l didnt want to tell lie; no body dare arrass me for the rest of my stay in the school; even if the truth can claim my life, l'm ready to say it anywhere in the world.
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Every Lie you cover today will be exposed one day and finally at the judgement before God:- Read Revelation. 21:8.
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what if after lieing the trumpet blows.
Trumpet can sound at any time from now, one may tell lie and thinking he would have opportunity of repenting, but there may not be any opportunity to repent before the trumpet is blown by the arch-angel of God- 1Corin. 15:51-57.
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Sam7, keep the wind blowing.
say the truth
s3xy mama*2
Debby 2630:
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I Will Say D Truth No Matter Wat It Cost My Life. Ekundayo Wat If U Lie & D Trumpet Blows( Rapture) Just Takes Place Wat Will U Do? Bcos Den No Chance To Amend Ur Ways
Things that we fear most of the time cannot kill us; say the truth, believe in God and you'll be saved from whatever the danger is; A COWARD DIES HUNDRED TIMES BEFORE HE/SHE REALY DIES.
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d real truth is dat u can tell d truth in a remorseful way nd still be alive rather than to tell lies nd remain alive.
also dere re some truth dat cant be revealed but all u just need 2 do is to go down on ur kneels nd ask 4 forgiveness 4rm d supreme God.
But if involves a second party; restitution is necessary; telling the person involved the whole story; because some cases cannot just be settled on your knees. A brother spoke of his experience in heaven after he had died and returned back to life: he said he was not allowed to enter heaven because of sticks of matches, which he stole from his neighbour; he was sent back to life to come and tell his neighbour what he has done; another man was not allowed to enter heaven because he ate eggs laid by hen of his neighbour and didnt tell his neighbour; he was sent to tell his neighbour the whole story; if God could take little things serious like that; how much more bigger offences; one can miss heaven because he refuses to say the truth on a particular matter.
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D Bible Says & All Liars Shall Have Their Part In D Lake Of Fire Which Burneth With Brimstone

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