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Open a Zenith Bank Account Online With Your Phone by  Mr A:
January 19, 2017, 07:27:29 PM
Here's how to open a Zenith Bank account with phone.

Opening a Zenith Bank savings account no longer requires that you visit a bank branch to stand in a queue for hours. You can open an account easily with your mobile phone and receive your account number instantly.

All you would need is a mobile phone. Any mobile phone will do, as long as it can make calls. Also, opening an account with Zenith Bank from your phone isn't network specific you can do this on any network.

Note that you will not need any account opening form for this as all your account information will be provided by you when you execute the USSD code below.

How To Open a Zenith Bank Account With Phone

Valued customer, your account Chukwuma Mohammed, Account No: 2112589435 is now opened. Your debit card would be ready shortly. Zenith Direct +234-1-2927000.

Providing Other Bank Account Details

After dialing the code and getting your account number, you would need to visit a Zenith Bank branch with a passport photograph and your BVN (Bank Verification Number) in order to complete the account opening process.

See: How To Check BVN on Etisalat

What Kind Of Account Would Be Opened For Me?

You would get a Zenith Bank savings account if you open an account using this method.

What Kind Of Debit Card (ATM card) Would I Get?

A Zenith Bank Mastercard would be prepared for you, which you can request for from any branch.

Any Limits To This Account?

Sort of.
This savings account would have a maximum capacity of N300,000. Which means that you cannot store more than N300,000 in the account unless you remove the limits.

To remove this limit, visit a Zenith bank branch with a recent utility bill (e.g Nepa bill) and a valid means of ID (e.g National ID card, voters card, international passport, e.t.c), then talk to a customer service representative about removing the limits on your account.



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