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Recent events in the country call for the need for every citizen to be security conscious and not take the issue of security for granted. We need to recall that on the 14th April, 2014, over 200 school girls were abducted in Chibok, Bornu state. Till date, many people have been kidnapped or killed by insurgent all over the nation. Kidnapping, robbery and other vices are also 6n the increase.

What Is Security?

Security is a measure undertaken to keep a person, property or a country safe from danger or enemy's intrusion.

1.   Security Tips For The Church.

Most of the attacks by the insurgents are targeted towards Christians and Churches. The Church should therefore be security conscious.

The following tips will greatly help the Church and worshippers in securing the lives and properties.
i. The church should have a security plan.
ii. Install church video surveillance (inside and outside).
iii. Never allow an adult in the children's area without proper identification.
iv. Make sure to have a plan for Sunday services, in the event of a shooter, fire or other incident.
v. Ask a Civil Defender or Police Officer to do a walk-through your facilities and offer suggestions as feedback. The reality is that we can never be completely sure that everything is completely covered. We can make sure we greatly reduce the security risks by being proactive.
vi. Ensure emergencx lights are installed and tested around the entire Church.
vii. Train all the leaders on how to respond to emergency situations.
viii. Have a designated Security Unit that members will man the parking lot.
ix. Never assume everything is fine and doing well.

2.   Security Measures For Students.

Apart from Churches and Christians, the next vulnerable group is the students and schools. The following safety measures should be adopted:
i. Install CCTV in all nooks and crannies of the school premises; It is needful that the school catches all the activities that happen on camera. This is so that nothing is left un-captured.
ii. The school compound should be fenced and provided with gate.
iii. There should be security personal statationed at the school gate.
iv. Clearance permit should be given to any visitor before entering the school premises.
v. Students and workers should always be in possession of their ID card.

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