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Ofure quickly rushed to where her daughter fell and shook her gently. “Oke, what is it? Talk to me!” Oke had her eyes tightly shut. Madam Zainab who had since been eavesdropping at the back of the door, came rushing to the spot as well. Ofure re-tied her towel and placed some shaky fingers on Oke's neck to feel her pulse. She couldn't seem to feel anything. She panicked. Bobby came around and started barking.
“Eh! Oghene! I'm finished o! Somebody help me! Oke!” Now, she was shaking her violently and crying.
Madam Zainab quickly bent down, meaning to feel Oke’s temperature with her right hand. Lucy flung her hand away, her face full of disgust.
“Leave her alone you witch! Only God knows what you've done to my daughter!”
“She's my step-daughter too and I'm the senior wife in this house. When Kashim returns, he'll demand an explanation from me.” Madam Zainab said calmly. She was surprised at her own calmness. Maybe it was because there was a life at stake.
Ofure eyed her contemptuously.
“Let's quickly take her to the hospital. The doctors would know what to do. There's no use sitting here, crying. Time is of essence.” Madam Zainab quickly said that as she dashed outside to call out to the gateman to “open the gate quickly!” Ofure feverishly ran up the stairs to change.
The waiting room of the hospital was unusually crowded that evening but thankfully, one of the doctors on duty was a close family friend.
Oke was admitted immediately and all manner of tests was carried out on her. 
The doctor scheduled an appointment with Ofure the following evening.

As soon as she was seated in his office the next day, he began, “She's feeling better now ma'am. Did you know she was pregnant?”
“What? Doctor what are you talking about?”
“She lost the baby. She was almost three months gone.”
“Oghene me! Are you sure of what you are saying?”
“Yes ma'am.”
“Can I see her right now?” She said, making tap-tap sounds with her right foot.
“Of course, yes. But I must warn you, she's going through a lot of pain right now and she's very fragile. Please, you would have to take it easy with her.”
She nodded absentmindedly.
They got up to leave. She stopped him by the door and spoke quietly but firmly.
“Doctor, this stays between us. Not even her father or that witch who calls herself his first wife can know about this. Please, I beg of you.”
“That's not a problem ma'am.”
Madam Zainab was seated at the reception, reading a magazine. She stood up as soon as she saw them come out of the doctor's office. She had come to see Oke, but the nurse told her that she had to wait for the doctor's instructions since it was already past visiting hours.
“She can’t come with us, doctor. I’d like to have some privacy with my daughter.” Ofure said, looking at the doctor.
Madam Zainab shrugged lightly. “No problem. I’ll come back later then.”
Oke was watching the television when they entered her private room. She looked up to see her mother's unsmiling face. Her heart fluttered. One look at the doctor and she knew he had told her everything.
“Hello Oke, how are you feeling this evening?” the doctor asked cheerfully.
“I'm fine.” She said blandly.
Her mother walked to the head of the bed. “Oke, what's the meaning of this? How could you? How could you do this to yourself? Why did you choose to allow those good-for-nothing-boys make a mess of you and shame the family name? I’m so ashamed of you!”
Oke said nothing. The doctor tried to calm Ofure down. She already had tears in her eyes.
Oke faced the wall as she spoke. “I'm sorry mother, but I love him and I want to get married to him.”
“What? Is that all you have to say?” Ofure asked with a shaky voice.
Oke turned to face her. “What is it mum? Why are you being so judgmental? I said I love him! After all, was that not how you got daddy to marry you?” She said the last statement with a lower pitch.
“How dare you?!” She reached across to slap her, but the doctor was fast enough to shield Oke.
“Madam, you can't do that! Please let's go into my office.”
Ofure was breathing heavily now. She eyed Oke, as reluctantly followed the doctor out of the room.
In the privacy of his office, the doctor began. “It's very clear ma'am, she needs direction and mentoring. Both are clearly lacking in her life.
“But I'm trying doctor.” She was sobbing gently now. “I made sure she went to the best schools. I'm still working hard to ensure she gets into good tertiary institutions. I give her everything she needs…”
“…Except attention and guidance. I know your husband doesn't put restrictions and yet it's been a very long time since I saw you and Oke in church.”
He leaned forward. “Look, I'm not a pastor and I'm not trying to preach to you. But this name calling and hitting won't do you much good. She needs to get saved. Once she has the Holy Spirit working in her, He would do half your job for you; He would direct and convict her. And you equally need to show a good example too. The drug that was meant to terminate the pregnancy, which was given to her by the boy in question, could have done serious damage to her insides or even ended her life. But thank God it didn't. Now she's been given a second chance. She told me that the boy promised to marry her if she terminated the pregnancy. She also said that each time she sought the opportunity to talk to you on the subject matter, it's either you are not available or you are too tired. She didn't trust anyone enough to confide in and so she gave in to her emotions and feelings. She wasn't even ashamed of what she did. She just regretted that it caused her much pain.”
Ofure's face was streaming with tears. She knew what she had to do. Her voice was subdued when she said, “Thank you so much, doctor. I've heard you. Please, put me in your prayers. Can I see her again, please?”

“Yea, sure.”

The end.

Chinua Achebe of our time, well done!
Nice story keep it up wel done
Guy, make them leave story for you o.

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