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you know there is nothing worse than feeling what u felt in a relationship,but i think the most important thing to recongnise is that every relationship is actually a lesson even the one that you keep.

because every1 of us is a mirrow of each other,there is always something we want to get from it.
If you really want to take a relationship with red handed and toll to have s3x with it then think why you choose it because in every relationship that u step out of actually has a hidden negative inside.
1. in every relationship that u choose look at it ask urself y did you choose it, and how long have u spend in it,y did u stay and what did you learn. if you can take ur heart and eyes of urself for just a second and put it into ur relationship, who u are in the relationship and why u are in the relationship u wil be amazed.
Useful Advice.
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Indeed inspiring.

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