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Mainly looking at the relationship we have this days , the rate of break up is becoming excess, but i believe after the tips you need to know in this story , at least you have a change in the relationship,
1,before any relationship two parties should be sure of what they are getting into,
2,most of us go into relationship is. Not all about s3x, that is from my own perspective, I don't know of you,

ATTENTION:to tell you the truth I don't personally being ignored I don't know of you, attention is very important in a relationship in, nothing make a girl or a guy go mad like being ignored by your partner, you give me or she the requested attention, whether he or she is making sense or not, just flow with the conversation,

FAMILIARITY:I can seat my girlfriend down after the day and get the necessary things I want to hear from her, how do you do that? After a little crash with my girl, instead of me to be mad at her, I will tell her to dress up, I will take her out , pampa her, buy her things she loves most, while we eat I will ask her why she is putting up those attitude, behold she will be shocked by my response to the situation and I bet she won't hesitate to tell me everything, and she will also apologize,.

ENDURANCE:Why we men where created is to take care of the ladies, they are meant to be treated like a queen, actually the ladies misbehave alot, likewise we men but whether your wrong or not you have to endure everything, every good relationship is been held by one person, men a not meant to blab and panic with we men, don't let them know your angry, rather play the role of fool just for peace to rain, most women don't accept the fact that they are wrong.

Share your problems together, don't be far away from each other, and let the fun continue

To maintain good relationship
Both of them must understand each othet
Both of them must share thought together
It good to be here,it new year God bless our hustle.
Actually am a good guy with the good attitude i don't disrespect elders but i do disrespect my age mates i cant let my age mate to ride me
I love soccer alot ,and running too
(Jalingo i heard about it and i was told it was good.
So i give it okay

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