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Mr Paul
Many people fall sick most of the time because of personal negligence and failure to eat healthy food items.
Do you know that some food items you count as nothing are good sources of nourishments your body needs?
The shaft of the orange you throw away after sucking the liquid inside is a good source of calcium.
Do you know that the green-back of water melon is a good source of iron? Many of us like to just eat the red-inner part of the water melon and throw away the back.
Do you know that the thin peel of ground is a good source of protein? Dont eat the inner part alone; just sew everything together.
Sickness is not primarily caused by that head-ache, that back-ache etc; its caused by lack of one or the other nutrient in the body.
If you eat well, you will rarely fall sick and eating does not mean eating expensive food; its taking note of important food items your body needs; you may prepare a balanced diet of just N300 while you may prepare an unbalanced diet of N2,000. lt depends on what and what you cook.

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Eat enough vegetables and fruits everyday.
You dont have enough money to prepare your meal?
With N350, you can prepare a balanced diet; N50 crayfish or prawns can serve a purpose of N250 fish, while vegetable of N50 can go a long way to give you iron needed for the flow of blood in your system; dont wait for thousands of naira before you eat good food.
And one more thing, avoid much of fatty food items; run away from sugar or sugary food if you are above twenty years of age and dont eat sugar much if you're still below twenty: chocolates should be taken in small quantity and rather take enough fibre like whole wheat meal, maize etc.
Take bitter leaf often, 'cos it breaks fats in the body and neutralises acid of the body; you know bitter leaf is a "Base" as described by the scientists; have you forgotten neutralisation of base and acid in your chemistry? So is bitter leaf working in your body system to neutralise any excess acid in your body.
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Spottykay Publisher
look a boys sugar level is 31 and bp 105 explain what you have on the both
His sugar level is too low: the safe sugar level is between 50mg/dl and 180mg/dl; any blood sugar below 50 mg/dl is dangerously low, while blood sugar above 180 mg/dl is dangerously high.
Normal blood pressure is 120/80 (120 over 80).
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Spottykay Publisher
so 105 bp is Good
Yes, but if its upper case of it; but if that is his lower case, it too high; because, bp is of two sections; that it is written 120/80.
What I mean is that upper case has a normal level of 120, while lower case has a normal level of 80.
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Spottykay Publisher
thank God

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