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I modern day our technology is what is killing us,especially the one we eat in chemical made products for example too much sugar causes diabetes and too much starch causes many infections,groundnut brings pimples to the face or oil,and thats why many people now adays are dying a low age and this cannot be compared with the people in the stone age(olden day) they do live long than we.Even the most worst part is that there are some weapons that are used only the gas is the thing in it which kills when people smell it they die,and technology caused this in conclusion technology has much disadvantages than advantages these day and also they are not well secured.

Mis-understanding of technological development is also our hubbies in Nigeria; development in technology has done a lot of good for us: all we need is to be thanking GOD and take necessary precautions, coupled with time-to-time personal check-up.
  I know of a man, who is still my friend and mentor;he is now 74years old and he looks like 40years old guy in body built and smartness; he can walk a lot of miles for exercise and jump up as l can do. He explained to me how he struggled with his health in the time past, before he began to do necessary things and began eating good food.
Technological Development is not the health problem we're facing, it's our own carelessness and personal tastes that's killing us.
Eventhough smokes comes from engines of planes, cars and machineries; still, eating of garlic detoxifies your body, flushing out smoke properties in your body; but how many of us are eating garlic?
God has made everything good in its time and God has not made mistake by giving us knowledge to build.
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Spottykay Publisher
out of 100% and may be 30% of us are eating it
But do you know that majority are not eating it? I'm sure that people eating it are not up to 10%.
Some people say, it smells in the mouth, without thinking of the effect it would have on their body.
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Spottykay Publisher
thou even me i dont eat it all the time and i normally dont find it in my area
If you want to eat it, you will get; its all over Nigeria; just go fruits' shop and ask of it, you will get.
It is obvious that technology gives room for poisonous by-products, but those things we need to detoxify our body off smokes and others has been made by God for us.
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Spottykay Publisher
it helps blood sugar problem is it true cause i heard someone saying it

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