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 Most of us are so fund of attaching these in our text thinking it to be for
"laughing out loud".
 Beloveth, this represent LUCIFER OUR LORD!
  It is an ancient phrase by the devils favourite demons, they say it after each prayer to glorify their master.
 Be careful, anytime you say this, you may be just but one of them.
  Share this message and save a soul!

Is that really true?
Oh God.I never knew that
Love the Lord,with all ur heart.
But Sir-Phil hw did u get 2 knw dat
Love the Lord,with all ur heart.
Research, the devil is so strategic. Everyone loves to use it.
The devil is at work in these last days.
"Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: whom resist stedfast in the faith,.....".
1Peter 5:8,9.
We should be very careful in this end time; when I was made to know the origin of one word, called "doro", which is sung in a popular/demonic song, I was surprised to know that the word is a name of an idol.
There are so many others that seems to be good words, but are demonic; people, be careful; we are in the last days.
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So are we going to stop using such words?
So sum1 cannot sing dorobucci again
If you truely are a Christian or Muslim, then tell me how that song glorifies your God or Allah.
  It can only suit your diety if you are just but one of them.
hmm its cool
@baby damsel, dorobucci(song) is demonic. Before l was told the meaning of the word "doro", I discovered that l didnt just like the song whenever they sing it: it is against the Spirit Of God in me; until one day some1 who understands them told me that the name "doro" is a name of an idol and l made research to find out; because l do my own with proof. Tell me, what is such doing in the mouth of a child of God?
Is it not to praise satan?
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but they did d song just for fun
Satan is also a funny man; so, dont say they just do it for fun; forget about that; satan's agents will never tell you they write any song for satan, but they disguise to deceive the world; that is why the bible calls the devil the father of lies. What we are saying is that is glorifies satan.
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ahh tanks i just realised
Alright; you're welcome.
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As for LOL, I made another meticulous research and arrived a conclusive conclusion that it is absolutely safe to use it anytime, anywhere, anyhow you deem fit. It doesnt attract any other meaning as to the one known by all of us
Alright; but l dont personally like using it.
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i use it any time
Feel free, its totally safe
look to me all is by faith if i do that i didnt do it for satan

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