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Mr A
As per the Jalingo Publishers Program, we will tranform our virtual currency to real tangible cash, which of course can be paid into your bank account on request. This currency will have the same value as the Nigerian Naira and will be called "Jalingo Credits" or "Credits" within the forum.

This transition will involve cutting out all the imaginary "coins" earned in the past by old members. This is because the methodology used in the past to award coins was unreal and ridiculous, hence, many members used that to their advantage.

Q: Will My Credits Count Be Reset To 0?
No. Jalingo has a record of earned 'coins' before the inception of the publishers program on Saturday 13th December 2014. If you have written topics here in the past, you may have earned credits from topic views between saturday and today, those will not be removed.

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I have an idea to share; our coins earned did not just come oneday, and neither was it multiplied as a ghost overnight.

Warning:  It will only create a huge downfall for this site if all amount of coins/money generated by our struggle to keep this site growing till this day are been swept freely like that all in the name of new terms or new act.
I personally say and share my idea, that agreed all coins will be by gone due to the new form of naria value introduced and paid..
I am saying that according to our present amount individual had generated for itself, there should be a mode of appreciation by giving us full or half of what we  earned as a form of been encouraged, i'm not talking about appreciating but atleast recognising our effort brought together in this site.
Remember; many who started had gone but still we have those who still show love and care in this site by sticking still and patience continously, we know them and they knows themselves. Most especially this season of Xmas we are yet to enter and i pray we see it gladly.
I will be gladfull if we can be appreciated by been given out some money according to our amount we had earned in the past till now or half of it been earned no matter how little but to only the steady and contributed members which i am sure and i can defend that we are not up to 10 or 15. @least to make us know our support and effort are been valued and recognise just as we have the most top prestigeous prize in Nigeria 
''THE HEADIES'' for our musicians , to prove and show that they are gladly recognise and also appreciated.
I want Jalingo to know that they are many more here who are hiding their best but when they are appreciated they release more of their best e.g (i) and it start now just as ''.THE HEADIES'' had began a long time ago i.e so many years ago and after the musicians are appreciated you began to see more of their best compare to the past. 
Please i do use this as a medium to sound my idea publically to Jalingo that we need some support from your kindness to show a sign of appreciation now that the year is ending and thank God no one in this site died, although even when i lost 2 of my beautiful friends " Amaka & Obainuju (girls) in just one month<RIP> and my Aunty.

I am gratefull to God i am alive to see the new great change now in Jalingo, so do i say to myself that ''I'M SUCESSFUL'' because i live to say it and because i am also thankfull to God.
I will be much gratefull to Mr. A, if he can grant my idea and all members in Jalingo will bring out their best including i to fasten the growth of our growing site and also tell the world about Jalingo, just as we fasten our seat belt on the plane.
That is my idea for all active and contributed loyal members in now
We stopped seing "Lilix" for quite sometime now, nevertheless I don't wanna believe its the inevitable, has anyone bothered to check on her?
Thank you Sir Phil, that is what i am talking about. I remembered ''Lilix'' was one of a kind active member and now she is gone and so many other more too numerous to mention. What about WhizDom and Actionlady? None of them no longer spend 30mins here compare to the past, if at all they appear.
Changing the site name, colour and new terms is never transformation without members, infact the old version will be much more beter with flood of members compare to the new version.
What do i mean ''appreciation & recognition''
This is a sort of best advice on how to develope this site and i still have many more advice and mistakes that will be corrected to share freely as an advicer to Jalingo without asking for anything but first do what i had said in my first comment as a beginning, Mr A. You can even create it as a topic to be marked as a history to be remember, and remember Rome was not built in a day but now everybody wants to go to Rome so will it be to , sacrifice now no matter how little so that you will be massively suprise in the future...
I hope you will believe me.
I still don't get it. You are making two in one of a point. Absentees...? Sacrifice...?
Ok! No P.
I won't say i'm against the idea, but we must make sure there is both enough resources as well as site marketers.
Am dat old member still don't forget it
''I talk toomuch''
Austine Chika:
''I talk toomuch''
Oh really, you are actually the one saying this. The last time I checked, No one has said it here before!
Breaking news; i will release my new first post in the new with a Joke Joke Joke......

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