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Lasagna ~ 6 hours
1 hour to make fresh pasta
~4 hours to make the Ragù
(“Meat sauce”) and the
Bechamel sauce (if you do
them at the same time,
otherwise add an extra 20
~1 hour between assembly,
baking and rest-time.

Preparing most wild meats
(like Pheasant, deer, boar,
etc) - up to 24 hrs
These usually require long
marination times, and long
cooking times, since the
meat of wild animals is
usually very tough otherwise
and it needs to lose the “wild
Some freeze the meat for a
few hours and then thaw it…
the freezing process breaks
partially the cellular structure
of the meat, making it far
more tender (and that’s why
you should preferably NOT
do that with beef, on the
other hand)

Bread - depending on the
type >24 h sometimes
Not really a dish… but when
it comes to bread you can
have certain types that
require 6, 12 or even 24
hours of leavening before
being bakes. For example
traditional Italian cracker are
leavened for about 24 hours.
A leavening time less than 2–
3 hours is not recommended
This in a way includes pizza
if you are making the pizza
bread. It will take about 2–3
hours before it’s ready to
have the toppings be put on
In addition if you are making
pasta madre (sourdough) it
takes about 1 month for that
to be ready.

Some cakes, pastries and
desserts also can require
quite a considerable amount
of time in their preparation.

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