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How To Fix Blackberry Error ID 30702

Are you unable to download apps to your blackberry because of a recent 'App World' update you made?
Error Message: There is an issue with the current session. Please log in to continue. (Error Id: 30702)

Are you unable to access your Blackberry ID Account information?
Error Message: Unable to update your blackberry id account information.

To solve these blackberry issues, you must navigate to Payment Options. [Go To: Blackberry App World >> My Account >> Payment Options]. You would then be asked to log in. Once logged in, you can back out or return to App World. Thats It.

Alternate Method

An alternate method is:
Step 1: Shutdown your blackberry phone and remove your battery and sim card.

Step 2: Re-insert the battery (do not insert the sim yet) and put on your blackberry phone

Step 3: Type in your blackberry id and password. You'll get an error saying id is not correct. Ignore this error.

Step 4: Shut down your blackberry phone again and remove the battery.

Step 5: Now insert back your sim card and battery.

Step 6: Under Options, find Blackberry Id or simply type it if you're using os7

Step 7: Now, enter your correct Id (email and password)

Step 8: Click save.

Did we help you? Don't just go away, leave a comment below to let us know if it helped or not.

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Edward Guest
Worked like a charm! Thank You!!!
MelB Guest
After being given the run around by my provider service "experts" I found this workaround.
It worked!!!!
Thanks a mil!!!
rishu Guest
you rock buddy...thanks for the help...its working fine now....
gaurav Guest
 :)thankxx it works
aditya Guest
This is the best alternate solution and it worked like a charm..thanks for posting this solution
Hats off to you. It worked. Thank you for being here
Vikram Guest
The solution ROCKS  :)
G-Dragon Guest
Perfect solution for me! Thanks for the advice!! Happy Blackberry user again.  :D
LOvely! Fantastic! thanks :)
Shoky Guest
Waoow its actualy better then BlackBerry Support forum... :-*
rupinder Guest
It worked like magic!!!!! u saved me the cost of buying a new phone... i was just giving up struggling to correct this error...many thanks God Bless
laura Guest
finally after about 6 months of having this problem ive managed to fix it in ten minutes thanks to your post :)
diva Guest
Thanks for the trick... It helped...
Samarth Guest
Thanks a lot buddy this was really a pain was not getting the solution opened the back panel removed the battery many times this is the best alternative :)
Katrin Guest
It works :))) thank you   :)
richard Guest
Thank you so much! At last a solution that works :-)
Lilla Guest
thanks a lot!!!
Khalid Guest
i could not follow step 3.( Type in your blackberry id and password. You'll get an error saying id is not correct. Ignore this error.), where do i get blackberry id and password for step 3
Chris Head Mod.
@Khalid, that should be your blackberry appworld id and password
This is brilliant, thanks a bunch.
oh thats good of you
dorTrile Guest
You, my friend, are a genius. My BlackBerry works properly now. :)
Gud info

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