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What Is The BlackBerry 10 Error 403?

The Error 403 is a Microsoft ActiveSync authentication error experienced only on BlackBerry 10 devices like the Z10, Q10, Q5 or the BlackBerry PlayBook.
If you were looking for the HTTP Error 403 Forbidden error on legacy BlackBerry devices (bold, curve, torch) on OS7 / OS6 / OS5, please scroll down to the last part of this article. If not, please continue.
This error code 403 pops up usually when trying to set up an email account or an Active Sync account or even when trying to activate the BlackBerry 10 smartphone to the BlackBerry Device Service. This error may be displayed in one of two ways depending on what you were trying to do.

1. "Service for account (email address) is not available. Access should be available soon. [Error code: 403]" - Displayed when trying to setup an Active Sync account or a new email.

2. "Service for account (email address) is not available. Contact your system administrator to regain access. [Error Code: 403]" - Displayed when trying to activate your BlackBerry 10 device to the BlackBerry Device Service.

How To Fix BlackBerry 10 Error 403 (Active Sync / Email Setup)

First thing's first, make sure Active Sync is "Enabled" from your mailbox settings. if it is enabled and the error is still present, see guide below. For details on enabling Active Sync, see the Microsoft knowledge base article here => Enabling ActiveSync

1. If you are on a BlackBerry PlayBook, it could be that the IBM Lotus Notes Traveller has been configured to deny access to certain devices. To fix this, the IBM Lotus Notes Traveller administrator would need to make a little edit to the NTSConfig.xml file.
- Open up the file on the server
3. Make sure its value says VALUE=".*". The .* value is the default value and represents a wild card to allow all devices.
4. If your administrator is using a string to allow access to the BlackBerry PlayBook, then the user-agent should be written as Version "RIM-PlayBook/2.0"

Fix HTTP Error: 403 Forbidden on BlackBerry Bold / Curve / Torch

This error is usually experienced while using the BlackBerry default browser. It could simply be that what you are trying to access from the BlackBerry browser is too large to be handled by the device; in that case, try visiting another page to see if the problem still persists. If you are trying to download a file (or video) that is too large, try downloading it to your PC instead and then sending it to your BlackBerry via USB cable.

Although a proven way to fix this HTTP 403 Forbidden error is to reload or upgrade your BlackBerry OS, but before you do that you should try other actions like hard resetting your phone (battery pull) or clearing up some memory on the device (not the SD card).

That's it. I will update the post with more methods of fixing this error code 403 if I come across any. If you know of any other ways to fix this BlackBerry 10 error, let me know about them.

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