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Why should people bath with water

2 my understanding, i'll say water along with soap has the ability of killing certain germs. The soap kills body diseases and body odour and it is stucked in the skin, as the water is poured, it fluches the dead germs thereby making the body whole again
Also, there are certain holes in the skin (called skin pores in Biology) which tends to block after a long time of abstenance from bath.
If someone refuses to take his/her bath for days, day after day, those skin holes continues blocking, until there is no way again for air to enter the body directly.
Tell me what happens next?
Do you believe that some sick people who die in the hospital did not actually die because of their ailment, some(though not all) actually die because of lack of body hygiene, of which bathing is the key one.
Therefore, taking bath with good or antiseptic soap daily, goes a long way in our good health.
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hmm its a point mr paul do you realise that after bathing fresh air comes to your body
Of course yes; because skin pores are opened enough to accomodate enough air into the body.
The body becomes more healthy.
I have a friend who doesnt use drug at all; whenever he is sick, he would just enter bathroom, bathe and sleep; he would feel healthy after waking up.
He doesnt have any other curing drugs apart from bathing.
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if not for you said skin pores then i realized
You realise what?
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i mean why i get more air
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