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Is There Anyone Who Is Very Good And Knows The Difference And Which One Is The Best Within Blogspot And WordPress If You Really Know Please Post.

Chris Head Mod.
They're the same, just choose the one that will be comfortable for you. :)
But Which One Is Very Comfortable For Beginners
There are some disadvantages in blogger which makes wordpress the best in some aspects.
1.blogger makes use of templates and which you can only customize the colours but wordpress has many features like plugin and you can also make layout yourself in wordpress which is not done in blogger.

2.Blogger is a google service which can never be taken away from google but possible in wordpress by making it self hosted and that disadvantage for blogger is that google can stop access to the owner at anytime.

3.Wordpress Website is very easy to use on the phone especially when making a post which needs image,wordpress gives the best performance which cannot be done in Bogger exept having Android,Iphone,and Windows Blogger App is the only way to insert those things in posts.

4.Also Blogger becomes risky when one tries to customize at times,like changing template which restores the blog at times but I've never seen that in wordpress
I can only say that paid one is the best. Anything that is free never last, so i support paid one.
It's true and with the paid version you'll enjoy many things
Have you not heard? "Alaha de pain bele"!
Its there, right before you.
Ahh If I Crack My Brain In Knowing The Meaning,then I'll Be Infected With Brain Virus If Not CareFul
Hmm Alaha
That's your own cup of tea.
No be my tea na your language
Alaha is never a TIV word! Gordons uses it often, it refers to cheap things.
Oh!!! You're now right even the comparison I did in google was self hosted wordpress vs.blogger
That points to every indication that I was right, it is your own cup of tea!
When you're about to purchase a domain,you'll know who's tea
I already have, it is you who needs to find out!
No more my tea,it has been abandoned for a while till money comes
Alright, suit yourself!
That's fineeeee

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