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This is indeed a big question.
It implicates an array of philosophical issues and scholarly disciplines, but it also has distinctly practical, even strategic, dimensions. That is to say, it raises questions not only about human nature and human flourishing, but about the freedom and stability of whole societies, as well as international peace.

A true religion is best described in James1:26-27 as dat wich visits d fatherless&widows in their affliction nd 2 keep himself unspotted frm d world. Nw, wen u ar free 2 liv urlife as lng as u heed 2 divine doctrine, wotsoever u do u prospereth(flourish).
My proof to prove it 2 b a YES dat during d time of beginning, woever sins mst mak a sacrifice 2 redeem it b4 he/she'll b 4givn by God bt wen Christ died nd resurrected, we need nt mak a sacrifice anylnger bt pray 2 HIM & believ nd we'll b 4givn.
As a result of this which Christ has done, the whole world regained peace and freedom because if Christ had not come 2 this sinful world, the earth would remain poor from generations 2 generations since all wealth would be spent 4 the redeemption of sin.

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