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many of us must have been looking for people to teach us especially web page but there is a free website available to teach you all this,even if you goto search on google you'll see sites like,w3schools and code academy and many more but all this 3 sites and the remaining can say 1 month free and after the month you start paying like $14 so the only one i saw was a site called it free enjoy

A new free website that contains learning on internet only i mean HTML(HYPERTEXT MARKUP LINE),CSS(CASCADING STYLE SHEETS),JAVASCRIPT,XML(EXTENSIBLE MARKUP LINE), BOOTSTRAP,PHP,JQUERY And SQL ETC. These are all for Internet and I'm enjoying it because their teaching goes smoothly than that of
This new discovered site is named and learning is all free.
I see the reason why you asked that question. Thank for your concern.
No problem,it's good to be helpful
The two websites provide a lot but i prefer someone to teach me face-to-face
Okay but what if we meet on social media which I can render a lot of help and i'm using the both
@Panchaze, be sure to drop your Facebook username for me too.
Ok i'll drop it soon
Okay we're waiting
You forgot it or you not yet in Facebook, coz I don't seem to understand why you are promising instead of posting it!
I Think He's Not Always On Facebook
He doesn't even seem like someone who likes chatting!
He's not really coming here
Exactly what am saying, on like me that chatting with friends is my hobby.
And that's it he's almost gone on a french leave
Many are, don't you get it? Its just me and you online these days, even Mr A seldom comes online and even if he does, its just a couple of seconds before he's gone!
Yap,I get it

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