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There are sometimes that when you click on it, it will show ERROR 404 NOT FOUND. Some of these things are deliberate, while some are not due to your browser settings.

You too can create an ERROR 404 NOT FOUND on your blog.

NOTE: This is not a chۈt, not spam but one of web classifieds.

An ERROR 4O4 NOT FOUND is a plugin you create on your blog or site. Anytime people go to your blog, they will see ERROR 404 NOT FOUND on the page. You can use an ERROR 404 NOT FOUND to increase the traffic on your site. Just post an interesting topic on your facebook, twitter or blog and re-direct people to it. As people go there, it increases your traffic and also boosts your earnings.

To learn how to create an ERROR 404 NOT FOUND plugin, email me; Follow me on twitter @OlusegunWhizDon.
On facebook, Olusegun Olaoluwa WhizDon.

Twitter & IG: @iam_made4impact
                                                               What should i do when a page shows 404 error bla bla bla?
It means you can't view the page.
Twitter & IG: @iam_made4impact

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