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Pluck 2 pear leaves from the top of a pear tree, then attach the leaves to your yellow battery charging point at base part of your battery for not less than 5 mins. Put it back to your phone and switch on the phone. There we go, ur battery is full.

NOTE: The leaves to be used must not be wet but very dry and hot. So the heated tissues in these leaves could affect the Y charging point. Thereby generating heat to the battery. Pear leaves are no ordinary leaves. This is one of its amazing importance to man.

That impossible how can a levels charges. Batrry.
Very incriedible
hw can a leave boots not possible
I cant believe dat a leave a ba3
I dont believe dat a leave can charge ba3 wat kind of magic is dat
Superstition,big one
Who believes that when you slap a pregnant woman she will give birth to four children
No light in my side
gost on road:
That impossible how can a levels charges. Batrry.
Who believes that when you slap a pregnant woman she will give birth to four children
d u pepple try it yes\no
That is superstition and it's incredible. @Operakid
:) (smiling)
I cant support dat
U guyz always doubt, go and try it
can any leaf work?
big lie
this is the first time am hearing that, but let give it a try.
Very impressive
It Is Not Have U Tried It,B4 Laying All Dis Complain? Do It B4 Murmuring. If It Does Not Work Den U Can Complain As Much As U Can
Hav U Done It? Stop Been A Doubting Thomas. & Try. Stop All Dis Complaining & Superstition Beliefs. Be Mature 4 Once
stop all d suspense hw
ar u ok or wt
prince eligeez,action baby do u kw hw?
Follow D Instructions Been Given & U Will Know How
Hmmmmm??? ??? ???
How to charge your mobile battery full without using phone charger
Latwa Scroll To D First Page & U Will See D Tips There. On How To Charge Ur Fone Without A Barttery Charge

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