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1. Change the charger
2. Service the charging ic with s3xosl station heater
3. Change the b3
4. Change the charging ic

Spottykay Publisher
Please can you explain the 2 and 4 well
Quite complicated!
Spottykay Publisher
But do you knew what he meant by ic
In-built Capacitor.  Or
Integrated Circuit. But I think he was referring to the inbuilt capacitor.
But how can a lay-man change the inbuilt capacitor?
I've personally discovered that what may cause such problem of not adding current to the battery is (1) 'low voltage' and (2) 'battery power functionality'.
If the battery is going dead, there is no direct electric charger you can use to charge it again, except 'dry cell charger'.
Dry Cell Charger was developed by me personally; because I didnt copy it from anyone; I just sat down one day and developed it; but l'm hearing that some people are developing similar device now.
Have you heard about it?
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How did you work out your own dry cell charger?
I need to tell you and you can build the same.
(1)Get new battery (two pairs=4).
(2) Flexible wire of a spoilt charger or similar device.
(3) Big celotape of six-inches carlibre.
1. Join the cells in series connection with the celotape.
2. Attache one of the wire to negative terminal and the second wire to positive terminal, with celotape.
3. Join the head/end of positive terminal wire to the positive terminal of your phone battery and join the end of negative terminal wire to the negative terminal of your phone battery with celotape& leave for just 15 minutes & more as time goes on.
Dry cell charger can charge faster than direct electricity and it boost the power of your phone battery. In case your phone battery is dead as we have said in the former post, dry cell charger will resurrect it back to life.
To make it neat,you can create a cage for the dry cell charger battery.
Dont leave your phone battery more than the specified time, so that it will not be overcharged.
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I have saved this message. I will revisit it when I have the materials.
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And Sam, I must say thank you.
Oh! you are welcome.
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Spottykay Publisher
hmm i'm gonna try this at home
Spottykay, if you want to try it, make sure you follow the rule strickly and DON'T LET YOUR BATTERY STAY ON THE DRY CELL CHARGER MORE THAN 15MINUTES when you just connect the dry cells newly and the duration of charging continues to increase as the life-span of the charger increases.
The reason for that caution is to prevent your battery from being overcharged or swelling up: the fact is that the battery can spoil totally because of the too much of current.
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That's good. You try no be small.
You're welcome Bendek.
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These Bendek guy is hot oo!
Thanks Sir-Phil and Mr Paul
You're welcome@ Bendek
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You are welcome.
Spottykay Publisher
You're also welcome Bendek

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