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Guess Your Birthday!

Here's a way to show a friend, group, or an entire class of people. I have used this fun mathematical trick on lots of people since 2012 when i learned it. Tell the person (or class) to think of their birthday...and that you are going to guess it.

Step 1) Have them take the month number  from their birthday: January = 1, Febuary = 2 etc.
Step 2) Multiply that by 5
Step 3) Then add 6
Step 4) Then multiply that total by 4
Step 5) Then add 9
Step 6) Then multiply this total by 5 once again
Step 7)  Finally, have them add to that total the day they were born on. If they were born on the 18th, they add 18, etc.

Have them give you the total. In your head, subtract 165, and you will have the month and day they were born on!

How It Works: Let "M" be the month number and "D" be the day number. After the seven steps the expression for their calculation is:

5 (4 (5 M + 6) + 9) + D = 100 M + D + 165

Thus, if you subtract off the 165, what will remain will be the month in hundreds plus the day!

      Share this information with your friends!!!

2 hard
Not 2 hard when you know the steps off-hand. You just have to write them down and memorise for about 5-15times and it will gradually get used to you.
then you 'll have to calculate my brother's b-day. (Month number 12)

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