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friends that betray ar annyin and should be out of naija 4 gud!

Do you believe there are friends who cannot betray you?
 Well, if you want to be successful in true friendship, you have some measure of trust in your friends, but not total trust, because l've met different kinds of people, who became my friends but later betrayed me.
 l have found out in this life that the only friend you can totally trust is JESUS.
 Many of these friends were faithful and trustworthy but along line became corrupted by their other friends; its also important that you watch/know friends of your friends.
 Well, there are still some good friends who are note-worthy, but very few in number; as this is also applicable to relationships and marriages; there are many men in marriages of the world, but few husbands and there are many women/ladies at home, but few wives.
 Dont be in haste to choose life's partner: pray, study them, know them very well and have good proofs before entering into relationship wt thm,whn this is always done, disappointment in relationships/marriages will be minimal.
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I was betrayed yesterday by someone I called my first love! This has taught me a live lesson, some girls (but not all coz I know there are good ones) are worthless. After dating for two and half years, she demanded for something I called a taboo and the only way she showed he disappointment was to break off. I never believed it was me. I thought our love would last forever, not to be ruined by lust! I am glad I kept my promise to God, never to defile any daughter of man whom we are not yet married! Glory be to JESUS!
Yes I Supprot Him Every Friend You Have Must Betray You One Day There Is Know Person In This World That Wil Not Betray You For Instance You Friend Promised You That He Will Never Betray But When A Situation Comes And He Was Asked To Choose Between You Or His Family He Will Rather Choose Him Family And Leave You Alone But He Promised To Nevet Betray You So Do Not Put All Your Trust In Friends Because The Only Friend Is Jesus So Follow Christ God Bless
More I care, the only true friend who will never betray me/you is Jesus! Jesus never fails!
But There Is One Question Do You Think Your Family Can Betray You For Some Families They Can But Do You Think Your Family Will Betary You?                                                                                                                                                                                             I Dont Think My Family Will What About Yours?                                                                                                             
Hear Is A Story I Have To Tell About A Girl I Know So Well Back In The Days Were Cool Enough Fell In Love I Fell In Love I Thought She Was The One For Me Others I Couldnt See But Now Look What Happened To Me As I Loved Her Like I Couldnt Be She Broke My Heart And Am Siting Here Hopeless Right Now I Cant Ever Trust Any One                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
@Sir-Phil, you have to take heart and keep on trusting God for your own woman; the cause of such betrayal many times is that many think they can choose by sight and they always say open your eyes wide; you cannot choose a reliable life-partner without God;many today think they can do like pools.
There are still true friends/love but very few like 1% of pple in the world.
l can proof this to you by own experience; my wife stood by me when l thought she'll leave and run away; when life was seriously hot for me through financial constraint she never abuse me in the process and till now; she always references and always submissive when there's nothing and when there's something.
 Another error is that many youths run into relationship when they're not ready for marriage: if u know u cant get married in six months-time, dont try and go into relationship, because, temptation to commit s3xual sin is sure to come as u describe your own case.
JESUS is the best friend, but there are still few truth-worthy friends.
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@Darylsweet, why is it that JESUS is the best friend and one you can totally and always rely upon?
Atimes those few true friends/love want to help or stay with you, but there's no power to help at that moment and you quickly conclude that they dont want to help.
Therefore, don't conclude that no one can be trusted at all, if you have that mind, you'll never have friends.
JESUS is the best friend that can never dissappoint you, because He's not a man and He has power to do what He has promised to do.
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wll i 2 have a story of betrayer i did it to my bestfriend nd now i am regreting it u cant but ur trust in anybodybutGOD
I Was Only Betrayed Once Nd I Cant Do As Sam7 says i run away from them
JESUS is the Best Friend anyone can ever have; stay connected to Him.
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That is the perfect will of God for man; to be saved and Jesus is the only way which we can lay claim of God's kingdom.
Yes, Jesus said in John 14:6;
"....I am the way, the truth and the life; no man comes to the Father except by me."
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for you going back to a betrayal you should consider the sin
Atimes; you can reconnect back if you notice he/she has repented and changed.
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Of course there must be forgiveness once one has truly repented of a sin or wrongdoing
its true,not forgiving is a sin
Yeah its a sin. If given the chance to weigh, I would have said a greater sin!
Remember this portions of the Bible- Matthew 6:12; Luke 11:4.
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portions of the bible about what
About Forgiveness: forgiving those who offend us.
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You should have considered reading them first before bothering with the last question.
but if i read it i may not realize but thanks so much
Thanks to Sam.

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