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Mr A
The New Lagos State Traffic Laws and Penalties Lagos Traffic Law regime is designed to protect law abiding road users. It is also designed to ensure that those who flout any of its stipulations are made to face the consequences of their actions so that they can be reformed and join the law abiding group. However, the traffic management regime is not designed to empower officials of any agency of the State to molest, intimidate, extort or make a law breaker out of any Lagos resident/stakeholder through the demanding and giving of bribes so as to avoid unsavory situations.

S/N Law / Offence Fine / Penalty
1. Driving without valid driver's licence Impound vehicle
2. Driving by under age 18 years N30,000 fine
3. Driving with fake plate numbers N30,000 + 3 yrs in prison
4. Driving with forged particulars 6 months in prison
5. Driving without road worthiness Impound vehicle
5. Driving without road worthiness Impound vehicle
6. Driving with fake driver's licence 6 months in prison
8. Driving with Hackney permit Impound vehicle
9. No display of Hackey permit Impound vehicle
10. Kabu Kabu without permit Impound vehicle
11. Disobeying LASTVA Office N30,000 / Impound vehicle
12. Neglect of Traffic direction light 3 months in prison
13. Smoking while driving N30,000 / Impound vehicle
14. Physically assault traffic officer N50,000 / 6 months in prison
15. Driving without full light N50,000
16. Driving with worn out tyre N30,000
17. Driving without spare tyre N30,000
18. Driving smoking vehicle N30,000
19. No fire Extinguisher N30,000
20. Broken windscreen N30,000
21. Tinted windscreen N30,000
22. Eating and driving with one hand 3 months in prison
23. One way driving 3 Years in prison
24. Driving without fastened seat belt N30,000
25. Not painting a commercial vehicle with approved colour N50,000

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This will really help matters. I wish it'd be enforced throughout the federation. This shouldn't be just a Lagos thing

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