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Jesus chris Teachings about Himself brought a big problem 2 the jews bcos of His miraculous signs the jews hated Him so much John8:48 then the jews answered and said are will not Rit in sayin dat u are a Samaritan and hv a demon? Vs 49 Jesus answered and said i gv no Demon but I honour my Father and u Dishonour me jesus said dat if any 1 keeps  my word will no c Death then the jews said that they hv now known dat He has a Demon john8:56 He said,ur Father Abraham Rejoiced dat he was 2 c my Day,he saw it and was Glad vs 57 the jews said "u are not yet 50 years old and hv u seen Abraham vs 58 Truely,Truely i say 2 u b4 Abraham was I AM dis made the jews 2 b more Angry and they took stones 2 kill him but he RAN AWAY Isaiah 42:8 God says I AM THE LORD!and dat is my Name !I will no give my Glory 2 Another which proves dat JESUS is GOD, John8:12-53 I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORL, vs 6:5-71 I AM THE BREAD OF LIFE, VS 15:1-17 I AM THE TRUE VINE, VS 6 I AM THE BREAD OF LIFE, VS10:1-30 I AM THE GATE 4 THE SHEEP,I AM THE GOOD SHEPHERD VS11 I AM THE RESURRECTION AND LIFE All of dis statements proved dat JESUS was LORD but the jews hated Him the more bcos they say day JESUS was blaspemin the Name of the LORD,they knew that JESUS was sayin datHe is the son of God they where considering Him 2 b the son of a Capentery called Joseph not dat He was LORD,the same thin is happenin in our society we unestimate some poeple,we make them 2 feel INFERIO which is weakedness pls frnds lets Learn 2 consider everybody as we are no matter hw they are Love them,JESUS even said u should love ur Enemies and do Good 2 them by so doin,ur Haveanly father will b happy with u and He will BLESSED U

Plz let us Embraced loved and care 4 Humanity Entire 4 God will bless u
gud of u it nice havin sum1 like u havin de boldness  to speak de word of truth.
Love the Lord,with all ur heart.
 ikpila.terungwa.7, i'm very pleased hearing the truth from an individual like you, its encouraging to hear an honest tongue of truth speaks. A fulfillment of the prophecy- ''say the truth and it shall set thee free''.

 Keep the flag flying.
Infact, i am blessed keep it up.
it is good

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