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We all know that these muslims they always have a daily and hourly prayer but even how do they attract we christians i mean do they preach or try to convince christians to be part of them so why dont they,than to force through boko haram by being using the jab and their prayer does it convince christians?

How can their preaching and dressing attract genuine christian?
What they use to attract people generally is their giving and funerable enough, we so-called christians dont know how to give to the poor or the needy: we only teach ourselves theory.
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Recently, two futbol icons Emmanuel Emenike of Nigeria and Emmanuel Adebayor of Togo announced their denouncement of Christ. They are now Muslims! Do you know why? The former was transfered to an Arab league, so he.thought the best earn their favour was through conversion.
I would rather call that a joke Sir Phil and Mr paul You're right but to me I haven't being seing muslims helping others that way but may be in Your area
It's not a joke!
okay believeable
Sincerely, muslims in any area of the nation, know how to give to the needy far more than we christians.
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But what's special about christians
Special about us?
That is a question that needs a meticulous answer.
All l know is that Jesus is our Saviour and that Jesus is the only way to heaven- John 14:6.
But many will be surprised on the last day: many so-called christians will be disappointed due to the present state of the church.
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No one would blame the church. The Bible has been translated to more than 700 languages so there is no excuse.

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