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These short sayings, in form of proverbs acts as food or milk to your general life in this word. If you frequently, slowly, prayerfully, and meditativelly read you will go to the mountain-top.

l. There are three kinds of people; those who watch things happen, those who make things happen, and those who have no idea what happens.
2. Rare is the person who can weigh the faults of others without putting his thumb on the scales.
3. Church members are either pillars or caterpillars. The pillars hold up the church; the caterpillars crawl in and out.
4. Mend your nets of witnessing with prayer, cast them in faith, and draw them in love.
5. Anger is just one letter short of Danger.
6. The actions of one member can create the opinion outsiders have of an entire congregation.
7. Just because a man passes you with his car is no sign that he isn't behind with his payments.
8. He who keeps himself on the right line, by the help and grace of God, certainly won't put you on the wrong line.
9. Jesus said, "Ye are the salt of the earth". Salty Christians make others for the spring of living water - the Word of God.
l0. If you go to sleep on Delilah's knees, you can't expect to wake up in Abraham's bossom.
ll. The devil is never too busy to rock the cradle of a sleeping backslider.
l2. The devil's best work is done by many who claim to love the Lord.
l3. The best watchman in the world is the man of watches himself.
l4. It is possible to forget the Lord is coming and allow ourselves to become drunken on pleasure, money, prestige, a good time.
l5. It should be rembered that in Noah's day "everybody else was doing it" too, but everybody except Noah was wrong!
l6. LIFE IS TOO SHORT to remember slights or insults; to cherish grudges that rob me of happiness; to waste time in doing things that are of no value; to let past sins or mistakes cloud future happiness. Life is too short to miss making friends with Christ because I am too busy making money.
l7. We love ourselves, with all our faults; so why can't we love others?
l8. Be kind to your friends. If it weren't for them, you'd be a total stranger.
l9. God seldom speak to a man while man himself is talking.
20. Let the redeemed of the Lord say something.
 2l. Born once, die twice; Hell
     Born twice, die once; Heaven
22. Some people never think of religion until they come in sight of a cemetery.
23. To solve one's spritual problems, one must remain spritually solvent.
24. It is impossible for faith to overdraw its account.
25. If, when in the storms of life, we keep our eyes on Jesus, we may not even realise that we are in a storm.
26. Too many leave strings tied to their consecrations and when trials and persecutions come, they pull their dedications away.

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