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“God chooses grace rather than
works”( Ephesians 2:8-9)
This means that if the weak come to Him, He
would help their weakness just as He would
help the strong. God knows we are weak –
that is why He chooses grace. If God had
chosen works rather than grace, man would
have the autonomy to choose whom to help
with his works and how to do His works.
The battle would be for the strongest
leaving no room for people like me (T.B.
Joshua). The race would be for the swiftest
leaving no room for people like me (T.B.
Isaiah 6:8 – “Then I heard the voice of the
Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who
will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I.
Send me!”
T.B. Joshua is just one of those who have
submitted to the will of God. He
acknowledges that if God had chosen works
rather than grace, no one would merit His
In a sermon titled, “By His Grace”, he
explained:“Wisdom in the practical sense of
ability and skill cannot guarantee success in
life. It is the goodness of our cause that
interests God more than physical and mental
disposition. This explains why the weak
people like me who are without great
strength, a smooth tongue, fast legs or high
learning should ever remain grateful to
Right from the outset of his incredible
journey, the hand of God has been clearly
evident in the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua. He
was born on June 12th, 1963 in the small
village of Arigidi in Akoko, Ondo State,
Nigeria. The pregnancy period of his mother
was by no means ordinary, as the baby
remained in her womb for 15 months
before he was born. Significantly, almost a
hundred years prior to his birth, it had been
prophesied that a young man would
emerge from the poor Oosin quarters and
that God would use him mightily. Another
remarkable event occurred when he was
three days old, as a large boulder crashed
through the roof of his house, missing the
baby by mere inches. This incident led to his
mother naming him, ‘Temitope’, meaning,
‘What You (God) have done for me is worthy
of thanks’.
During his elementary education at St.
Stephen’s Anglican primary school, Arigidi,
he was the leader of the Student Christian
fellowship. He was the smallest in the class
but led the prayer during the school
devotions and was known as ‘small pastor’.
He was unable to complete his secondary
education due to poverty.
Reflecting on his early life, he said: “I found
myself in a family background that irritated
me. My natural circumstance of birth was
poverty. I come from a very humble
background. Poverty loomed large in the
family. The little education I had was
through self-effort. I know many people
with a similar circumstance of birth who did
otherwise. They allowed their circumstance
to influence their will. Their dreams crashed
on the rocks of disappointment, failure and
setback …In those early years of my life, we
knew we would be blamed for what we
gave our attention to.”
In an article written by T.B. Joshua himself,
titled, ‘Everything Big Starts Little’, he
explains more…
Very early in life, he knew how much he
needed God, so he did not allow the
situation around him to affect his
relationship with God. As described in his
own words, T.B. Joshua recounts how he
discovered the direction of God’s calling for
his life:
“I was in a trance for three consecutive
days, then I saw a hand that pointed a Bible
to my heart and the Bible entered my heart
and my former heart seemed to immerse
with the Bible immediately. Then the
awareness came and I saw the apostles and
prophets of old with someone whose head I
could not see because He was tall to the
heaven and suspended, which I believe was
our Lord Jesus Christ sitting in their midst. I
also saw myself in their midst. After a while,
I saw a hand of the same tall man, I could
not behold His face, which was glittering
with an unimaginable light, tall to the high
heavens and suspended in the air. But other
apostles I could see their faces, particularly
Apostles Peter and Paul, Prophets Moses,
Elijah and others. Their names were boldly
written on their chests.
I heard a voice saying, “I am your God; I am
giving you a divine commission to go and
carry out the work of the Heavenly Father”.
At the same time, the same hand of the tall
man gave me a small cross and a big Bible,
bigger than the one that entered my heart
with a promise that as I keep pressing in His
time and name, I would be given a bigger
cross but if I fail the opposite would occur. I
also heard a voice of the same tall man, I
could not see His head, saying, I am the Lord
your God who was and who is – Jesus
Christ, giving orders to all the apostles and
prophets. The same voice said to me, “I
would show you the wonderful ways I
would reveal myself through you, in
teaching, preaching, miracles, signs and
wonders for the salvation of souls”.
Since then, I have been receiving in my
vision, every year according to my
faithfulness to God, a bigger cross that
means to me more responsibilities.
The Bible that entered my heart symbolized
Spirit and life (The Holy Spirit). God’s Word is
Spirit and life. He does nothing without His
Word. The book of Romans 8:16 says, God’s
Spirit joins Himself to our spirit to declare
that we are children of God. The Father gave
the Spirit to make us like His Son.
Father, thank You for Your Spirit, fill us with
Your love and power, change us into Christ’s
own image, day by day and hour by hour.
God Himself performs the divine anointing
on all who have the wonderful privilege of
becoming His children ( 2 Corinthians
1:21-23 and Luke 24:48-49).
Obedient to the divine call, T.B. Joshua,
started a ministry with a mere eight
members, prophetically naming it, ‘The
Synagogue, Church of All Nations’ of which
he is the General Overseer. Today, by the
grace of God, as a man of faith, he is both a
representative of God and of people. The
ministry started very small, but has now
grown far beyond the shores of Nigeria.
Evidently, T.B. Joshua has come a long way,
full of troubles and hurdles, but all the way
long, there has been an unseen hand of God
intervening in his affairs. In every situation,
he has remained focused on what God has
to say.
For those whose lives are centred in Christ
Jesus, the best is always yet to come…

Spottykay Publisher
actually prophet tb joshua was a man who never gives up and its true i remembered when he started church with roofed branches from the tree
Hmmmm, I can say all is by grace and not by power nor by might.
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Spottykay Publisher
Yes,You're right

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