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Mr Paul
Do you know that celebration of Christmasmas & Easter is an idol worship?
You said Ah !
Is that a blasphemy ?
I was made to believe that these two celebrations are christians' festivals and that it is godly. But critical deep study of bible scholars and some believers has revealed that xmas and Easter celebrations dont have any base in the bible and that there are proofs that they are pagan practices which have been before Christ was born.
Why then do christians take these two as important part of their worship?
Why are these two festivals against the law of God?
I shall be back.

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Spottykay Publisher
i see nothing bad in it nao
I am starting to believe that Pastor Sam is a strong member of the Jehovah's Witness.
  But on the contrally; if you ask me, I'll tell you I cant think of any other worthy celebration as I see for Xmas and Easter.
No Xmas nor Easter? Nothing to celebrate at all!
@Sir-Phil, l'm not a member of Jehovah's Witness and will never be a member; God forbids bad thing; the issue of Christmas & Easter was taken seriously by me even than you yourself before.
To open the truth about the two celebrations is an elaborate explanation; xmas time celebration has been in practice before Christ was born and that word "mas" is a name of an idol; Easter is a name derived from idol named ishtar and doesnt mean resurrection as you think. I have a lot to tell you on this, but later, bcos l'm busy now.
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Yes, but am glad I celebrate the resurrection and birth of Jesus Christ other than any other name.
Spottykay Publisher
but faith does d job by not doing chrismas and easter for idol but for God
That is why I said am glad I do not celebrate any idols but Jesus Christ who is my Lord and Saviour
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So Sam, are you gonna join us this time?
Because I said ok?
I dont want to borther two of you again; that is why l said ok; and if you asked questions further to know more truth about the two celebrations, l would have expansiated more on it.
Since I have known the truth through research and the deep study of the word of God; it would be a terrible sin for me to celebrate them again.
Go to Dake's Annotated Reference Bible, Page 137; you'll be surprised by what you'll see there.
Apart from that, where in the Bible did Jesus command the christians to be celebrating His Birth and Death?
Jesus was not even born on 25th of December and did not die at the dates they are celebrating easter.
He only commanded us to eat the Lord's Super in the remembrance of Him- Luke 22:19.
The fact that millions are doing something blindly without knowing its origin does not make it godly- Luke 16:15.
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Oh yes He did commanded us to eat the Lord's Super but no specification on how many times it should be done in a year, Once? Twice? Every evening? Every Sunday? Or four times?
There was/is specification for the number of times to celebrate it: it is once in a year: remember that passover has been in existence since old testament time starting from the night when lsraelites were released from the land of Egypt.
God commanded them to observe this Every Nissan 14 of every year- Exodus 12:11-17; Leviticus 23:5.
This is what Jesus observed with His disciples and turned it to the Lord's Supper, but He didnt change the time- Luke 22:7-20.
It is once in a year at Nissan 14.
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Have you checked and read Dake's Annotated Reference Bible Page 137  ?
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